Chapter 70. Objections and Protests; Hearings and Appeals  

SECTION 325:70-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 325:70-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 325:70-1-3. Stewards to make inquiry or investigation
SECTION 325:70-1-4. Objections
SECTION 325:70-1-5. Grounds for objections
SECTION 325:70-1-6. Horse subject to objection
SECTION 325:70-1-7. Protests
SECTION 325:70-1-8. Grounds for protest
SECTION 325:70-1-9. Persons empowered to file objection or protest
SECTION 325:70-1-10. No limitation on time to file when fraud alleged
SECTION 325:70-1-11. Frivolous or inaccurate objection or protest
SECTION 325:70-1-12. Horse to be disqualified on valid protest
SECTION 325:70-1-13. Notification of and representation at hearing
SECTION 325:70-1-13.1. Entry of appearance of attorney, withdrawal of counsel, address of record, change of address
SECTION 325:70-1-14. Testimony and evidence at hearing
SECTION 325:70-1-15. Duty of disclosure
SECTION 325:70-1-16. Failure to appear
SECTION 325:70-1-17. Record of inquiry/hearing
SECTION 325:70-1-18. Vote on Stewards' decision
SECTION 325:70-1-19. Rulings/orders by the Stewards
SECTION 325:70-1-20. Summary suspension of occupation licensee
SECTION 325:70-1-21. Duration of suspension or revocation
SECTION 325:70-1-22. Grounds for appeal from decision of the stewards
SECTION 325:70-1-23. Appeal from decision of the Stewards
SECTION 325:70-1-24. Appeal hearing procedure
SECTION 325:70-1-25. Appointment of hearing examiners
SECTION 325:70-1-26. Hearings on agreement
SECTION 325:70-1-27. Temporary stay order
SECTION 325:70-1-28. Appearance at hearing upon appeal
SECTION 325:70-1-29. Complaints against officials
SECTION 325:70-1-30. Rulings on admissibility and evidence
SECTION 325:70-1-31. Pleadings
SECTION 325:70-1-32. Discovery
Appendix A. Petition for Appeal


[Authority: 3A O.S., § 204(A)]
[Source: Codified 12-31-91]