Chapter 75. Oklahoma-Bred Program  

SECTION 325:75-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 325:75-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 325:75-1-3.1. Definition of accredited Oklahoma-Bred Quarter Horse, Paint or Appaloosa
SECTION 325:75-1-3. Definition of Accredited Oklahoma-Bred Thoroughbreds
SECTION 325:75-1-4. Accreditation of Oklahoma-Bred
SECTION 325:75-1-4.1. Dual breed Oklahoma-Bred registration
SECTION 325:75-1-5. Administration of Oklahoma-Bred program
SECTION 325:75-1-6. Annual state audit of Special Account
SECTION 325:75-1-7. Accreditation required for Oklahoma-Bred eligibility
SECTION 325:75-1-8. Inspection of horses
SECTION 325:75-1-9. Decision as to eligibility of Oklahoma-Bred
SECTION 325:75-1-10. False statements concerning Oklahoma-Bred accreditation
SECTION 325:75-1-11. Oklahoma-Bred racing program
SECTION 325:75-1-12. Application Requirements, Categories and Fees for Quarter Horses, Appaloosas or Paints
SECTION 325:75-1-12.1. Application requirements, categories and fees for Thoroughbreds
SECTION 325:75-1-13. Change of horse ownership
SECTION 325:75-1-13.1. Dual breed application categories and fees
SECTION 325:75-1-14. Establishment of Oklahoma-Bred added money and award payments at race meetings
SECTION 325:75-1-15. Distribution of funds for Oklahoma-Bred pari-mutuel races
SECTION 325:75-1-16. Disposition of Unexpended Oklahoma-Bred Funds Generated at a Race Meeting
SECTION 325:75-1-16.1. Forfeiture of unclaimed awards
SECTION 325:75-1-17. Oklahoma-Bred races to be written and offered
SECTION 325:75-1-18. Open company winners awards
SECTION 325:75-1-19. Embryo transfer
SECTION 325:75-1-20. Embryo transplant grandfather clause [revoked]
SECTION 325:75-1-21. Expenditure of Oklahoma Breeding Development Fund Special Account Monies for the purpose of caring for retired and unwanted Oklahoma-Bred racing stock


[Authority: 3A O.S., §§ 204(A) and 208.3]
[Source: Codified 12-31-91]