Chapter 80. Gaming Licensing Requirements  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 325:80-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 325:80-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 325:80-1-3. Applicability of Rules - Exceptions
Subchapter 3. Gaming License Classifications
SECTION 325:80-3-1. Types of Gaming Licenses
Subchapter 5. Gaming Licenses and Applications
SECTION 325:80-5-1. General provisions
SECTION 325:80-5-2. Time for filing an application for Racetrack Gaming Operator License
SECTION 325:80-5-3. Application amendment and withdrawal
SECTION 325:80-5-4. Payment of non-refundable fees and costs required
SECTION 325:80-5-5. Conditions of a Racetrack Gaming Operator License
SECTION 325:80-5-6. General grounds for refusal to issue license or denial of Gaming License applications
Subchapter 7. Requirements for Racetrack Gaming Operator License and Recipient Racetrack Gaming License
SECTION 325:80-7-1. Prerequisite for eligibility for initial license and renewals
SECTION 325:80-7-2. General form and requirements for Racetrack Gaming Operator License application
SECTION 325:80-7-3. Operations Plan requirement
SECTION 325:80-7-4. Security Plan requirement
SECTION 325:80-7-5. Requirements for a Recipient Racetrack Gaming License
Subchapter 9. Requirements for Manufacturer, Distributor, or Manufacturer/Distributor, and Their Employee License Applicants
SECTION 325:80-9-1. Application for Manufacturer, Distributor, or Manufacturer/ Distributor License
SECTION 325:80-9-2. Manufacturer's, Distributor's, or Manufacturer/Distributor's Employee License
Subchapter 11. Requirements for Vendor License
SECTION 325:80-11-1. Approved Vendor list
SECTION 325:80-11-2. Vendor License
SECTION 325:80-11-3. Vendor Employee License
SECTION 325:80-11-4. Vendor disclosure requirement
Subchapter 13. Requirements for Key Executive License or Gaming Employee License and Amendments to any Employee License
SECTION 325:80-13-1. Application required
SECTION 325:80-13-2. When Key Executive applications are due
SECTION 325:80-13-3. Employer-specific nature of all Employee Licenses
SECTION 325:80-13-4. Amended Employee Licenses
SECTION 325:80-13-5. License required prior to employment
SECTION 325:80-13-6. Employee Licenses - Refusal to issue or denial and license termination upon loss of employment
SECTION 325:80-13-7. Additional grounds for denial of Key Executive License application
SECTION 325:80-13-8. Limited pre-licensed employment for Key Executives and Gaming Employees
Subchapter 15. Requirements for Independent Testing Laboratory License
SECTION 325:80-15-1. Application Required
Subchapter 17. Fees and Assessments
SECTION 325:80-17-1. Payment of fees and assessments
Subchapter 19. Consideration of License Application and Licensee Disciplinary Actions
SECTION 325:80-19-1. Procedures for consideration of Applications for Racetrack Gaming Operator Licenses and Independent Testing Laboratory Licenses
SECTION 325:80-19-2. Procedures for consideration of Applications for Manufacturer, Distributor, Manufacturer/Distributor and Key Executive Licenses
SECTION 325:80-19-3. Procedures for consideration of Applications for Vendor, Vendor Employee and Gaming Employee Licenses
SECTION 325:80-19-4. Disciplinary actions against Racetrack Gaming Operator Licensees and Independent Testing Laboratories
SECTION 325:80-19-5. Disciplinary actions against all other occupation gaming Licensees


[Authority: 3A O.S., § 204(A); 75 O.S., §§ 302,305, and 307]
[Source: Codified 6-25-06]