Chapter 15. Single Family Mortgage Loan Program  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 330:15-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 330:15-1-2. Authority
SECTION 330:15-1-3. Definitions
SECTION 330:15-1-4. No discrimination
Subchapter 3. Single Family Mortgage Loan Programs
SECTION 330:15-3-1. Interest rate and loan structure
SECTION 330:15-3-2. Total volume of programs to be set by Trustees
SECTION 330:15-3-3. Security for each loan
SECTION 330:15-3-4. Single family dwellings only
SECTION 330:15-3-5. Loan purposes
SECTION 330:15-3-6. Interest rate
SECTION 330:15-3-7. Assumability of mortgage loans
SECTION 330:15-3-8. Maximum mortgage loan interest rate
SECTION 330:15-3-9. Eligible dwellings
SECTION 330:15-3-10. Maximum sale price
SECTION 330:15-3-11. Program loan origination periods
SECTION 330:15-3-12. Loan origination underwriting standards.
SECTION 330:15-3-13. Borrower's insurance requirements
SECTION 330:15-3-14. Code compliance
Subchapter 5. Borrowers
SECTION 330:15-5-1. Requirements
SECTION 330:15-5-2. Fees and expenses
Subchapter 7. Participating Lenders
SECTION 330:15-7-1. Statement of program purposes affecting participating lenders and allocations to participating lenders
SECTION 330:15-7-2. Qualifications of participating lenders in each program
SECTION 330:15-7-3. Allocation to participating lenders
SECTION 330:15-7-4. Blocking-out
SECTION 330:15-7-5. Participating lenders fees
SECTION 330:15-7-6. Origination of program loans
SECTION 330:15-7-7. Servicing of program loans
SECTION 330:15-7-8. Limitations upon assignability of rights and duties of participating lenders under programs
SECTION 330:15-7-9. Participating lenders deemed to be fiduciaries of OHFA and bond trustee
SECTION 330:15-7-10. Disqualification and/or termination of participating lenders under programs
SECTION 330:15-7-11. Additional requirements
SECTION 330:15-7-12. REOs
SECTION 330:15-7-13. Annual audit of program accounts with participating lenders
SECTION 330:15-7-14. Effect of default on qualification
SECTION 330:15-7-15. Compliance
Subchapter 9. Bonds
SECTION 330:15-9-1. Security
SECTION 330:15-9-2. Limited obligations
SECTION 330:15-9-3. Special reserves
SECTION 330:15-9-4. Bond terms
SECTION 330:15-9-5. Competitive bidding
SECTION 330:15-9-6. Volume of bonds
SECTION 330:15-9-7. Approval of Joint Bond Oversight Commissions
SECTION 330:15-9-8. Approval of Governor
SECTION 330:15-9-9. Trustee action to be taken
Subchapter 11. No Loans to Parties with Potential Conflict of Interest
SECTION 330:15-11-1. Parties deemed to be in a conflict of interest


[Authority: The Amended Trust Indenture and Bylaws of the Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency]
[Source: Codified 12-30-91]