Chapter 30. Multifamily Housing Bond Program  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-1-1. Purpose [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-1-2. Credit enhancement techniques [revoked]
Subchapter 2. General Provisions
SECTION 330:30-2-1. Purpose
SECTION 330:30-2-1.1. Authority
SECTION 330:30-2-1.2. Scope
SECTION 330:30-2-2. Definitions
SECTION 330:30-2-3. Owners of Project; Borrowers [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-2-3.1. Application evaluations [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-2-4. Loan purposes, terms and requirements [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-2-4.1. Criteria for Application and/or Applicant disapproval [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-2-5. Eligible projects [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-2-5.1. Eligibility of Borrowers
SECTION 330:30-2-6. Certifications [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-2-6.1. Financing requirements
SECTION 330:30-2-7. Credit enhancement requirements [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-2-7.1. Insurance
SECTION 330:30-2-8. Income eligibility of residents [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-2-8.1. Eligible Developments
SECTION 330:30-2-9. Non-discrimination requirements [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-2-9.1. Credit enhancement requirements
SECTION 330:30-2-10. Income eligibility of tenants
SECTION 330:30-2-11. Compliance with Applicable laws
Subchapter 3. Applications [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-3-1. New construction requirements [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-3-2. Existing acquisition/rehabilitation requirements [revoked]
Subchapter 4. Application and Processing Procedures
SECTION 330:30-4-1. Processing stages [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-4-1.1. Preliminary matters (Pre-Application)
SECTION 330:30-4-2. Criteria for disapproval [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-4-2.1. Application Processing Stages
SECTION 330:30-4-3. Initial application stage [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-4-3.1. Conferences with OHFA
SECTION 330:30-4-4. Inducement application stage- [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-4-4.1. Basic Application requirements
SECTION 330:30-4-4.2. Application evaluations
SECTION 330:30-4-5. Conditional commitment stage [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-4-6. Financing approval stage [revoked]
Subchapter 5. Submission Requirements and Procedures [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-5-1. Initial resolution [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-5-2. Second resolution [revoked]
Subchapter 6. Applications and Information Requirements [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-6-1. Initial application stage [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-6-2. Inducement application stage [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-6-3. Conditional commitment stage [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-6-4. Financing approval stage [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-6-5. Certifications and forms [revoked]
Subchapter 7. OHFA Fees [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-7-1. Developer(s) fee [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-7-2. Total application fee [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-7-3. Other fees [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-7-4. Annual service fee [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-7-5. Assumption/transfer fee [revoked]
Subchapter 8. Fees and Expenses
SECTION 330:30-8-1. Inducement Application stage
SECTION 330:30-8-2. Inducement application stage [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-8-3. Final Financing stage
SECTION 330:30-8-4. Financing approval stage [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-8-5. Administrative and compliance fee
SECTION 330:30-8-6. Compliance fee [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-8-7. Assumption and/or Transfer fee
Subchapter 9. Agency Requirements–Multifamily [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-9-1. Disclosure [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-9-2. Trustee final approval [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-9-3. Project guarantees and designs [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-9-4. Mortgage registration taxes [revoked]
Subchapter 10. Evaluation Criteria and Approval Requirements [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-10-1. Evaluation criteria [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-10-2. Approval requirements [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-10-3. Financing approval [revoked]
Subchapter 11. Evaluation Considerations [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-11-1. Board evaluations [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-11-2. Final decision [revoked]
Subchapter 12. Compliance and Reporting Requirements
SECTION 330:30-12-1. Compliance with state laws [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-12-2. Records and accounts
SECTION 330:30-12-3. Audits and examinations
Subchapter 13. Compliance and Reporting Requirements [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-13-1. Compliance with state laws [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-13-2. Records and accounts [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-13-3. Audits and examinations [revoked]
Subchapter 14. Sale, Transfer/Assumption
SECTION 330:30-14-1. Borrower's requirements
Subchapter 15. Sale, Transfer/Assumption [revoked]
SECTION 330:30-15-1. Developer(s) requirements [revoked]
Appendix A. Initial Resolution [revoked]


[Authority: The Amended Trust Indenture and Bylaws of the Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency]
[Source: Codified 12-30-91]