Chapter 35. Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program Rules [revoked]  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions [revoked]
SECTION 330:35-1-1. Purpose [revoked]
SECTION 330:35-1-2. Overview [revoked]
SECTION 330:35-1-3. Authority [revoked]
SECTION 330:35-1-4. Definitions [revoked]
Subchapter 3. Low Income Housing Tax Credits [revoked]
SECTION 330:35-3-1. General [revoked]
SECTION 330:35-3-2. Eligible Projects [revoked]
SECTION 330:35-3-3. Ineligible Projects [revoked]
SECTION 330:35-3-4. State credit authority limit [revoked]
SECTION 330:35-3-5. Not-for-profit set-aside [revoked]
SECTION 330:35-3-6. Unit set-aside [revoked]
SECTION 330:35-3-7. Tenant income limitations [revoked]
SECTION 330:35-3-8. Rent limitations on subsidized units [revoked]
SECTION 330:35-3-9. Credit rate [revoked]
SECTION 330:35-3-10. Carryover [revoked]
SECTION 330:35-3-11. Other provisions [revoked]
SECTION 330:35-3-12. Advice of professionals [revoked]
SECTION 330:35-3-13. Responsibility for LIHTC calculations [revoked]
Subchapter 5. Allocation Procedure [revoked]
SECTION 330:35-5-1. Provisions [revoked]
SECTION 330:35-5-2. Purpose [revoked]
SECTION 330:35-5-3. Application process [revoked]
SECTION 330:35-5-4. Selection criteria [revoked]
SECTION 330:35-5-5. Quality of applications [revoked]
SECTION 330:35-5-6. Conflict of interest [revoked]
SECTION 330:35-5-7. Fees [revoked]
Appendix A. Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Application [revoked]
Appendix B. Affidavit [revoked]


[Authority: The Amended Trust Indenture and Bylaws of the Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency]
[Source: Codified 12-30-91]