Chapter 36. Affordable Housing Tax Credit Program  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 330:36-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 330:36-1-2. Overview [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-1-2.1. Authority
SECTION 330:36-1-3. Authority [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-1-3.1. Overview [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-1-3.2. Scope
SECTION 330:36-1-4. Definitions
SECTION 330:36-1-5. No discrimination [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-1-6. [Reserved]
SECTION 330:36-1-7. National standards incorporated by reference
SECTION 330:36-1-8. [Reserved]
SECTION 330:36-1-9. Regulatory Agreement/Compliance Manual/Compliance with Applicable Laws
SECTION 330:36-1-10. [Reserved]
SECTION 330:36-1-11. Technical assistance
Subchapter 2. Allocation Procedures
SECTION 330:36-2-1. TCAs distribution
SECTION 330:36-2-2. Additional Credits
SECTION 330:36-2-3. Set-aside categories for TCAs
SECTION 330:36-2-4. [Reserved]
SECTION 330:36-2-5. Geographic Allocation of TCAs
SECTION 330:36-2-6. [Reserved]
SECTION 330:36-2-7. Award amounts
SECTION 330:36-2-8. [Reserved]
SECTION 330:36-2-9. Reallocation of additional tax Credits
SECTION 330:36-2-10. [Reserved]
SECTION 330:36-2-11. OHFA Development notification
SECTION 330:36-2-12. Communications with OHFA during Application Review
SECTION 330:36-2-13. Preliminary Review Reports
SECTION 330:36-2-13.1. Final Review Report
SECTION 330:36-2-14. [Reserved]
SECTION 330:36-2-15. Communications with OHFA during Application Review [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-2-16. Carryover Allocations
SECTION 330:36-2-17. Final Allocations
Subchapter 3. Low Income Housing Tax Credits
SECTION 330:36-3-1. General requirements and responsibilities [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-3-2. Qualification requirements [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-3-3. Ineligible Projects [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-3-4. Nonprofit set-aside [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-3-5. Low-Income Unit minimum set-aside election [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-3-6. Rent limitations on subsidized Units [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-3-7. Credit rate [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-3-8. Carryover Allocations and credit returns [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-3-9. HUD subsidy layering guidelines [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-3-10. Limitation on fees and costs [revoked]
Subchapter 4. Development Applications and Selection
SECTION 330:36-4-1. Development Applications
SECTION 330:36-4-1.1. Bond financed Developments
SECTION 330:36-4-2. Selection of Applications for award of TCAs
SECTION 330:36-4-2.1. General program requirements and limitations
SECTION 330:36-4-3. Fees
Subchapter 5. Application, Reservation and Allocation Procedure
SECTION 330:36-5-1. Application and Allocation [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-5-1.1. Reservation and allocation [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-5-2. Application requirements [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-5-3. Review of Applications [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-5-3.1. Local Chief Executive Officer notice [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-5-4. Selection criteria points [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-5-4.1. Allocation procedures [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-5-5. Regulatory Agreement [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-5-5.1. Threshold requirements [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-5-6. Conflict of interest [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-5-6.1. Selection criteria [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-5-7. Fees [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-5-7.1. Financial feasibility analysis [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-5-8. Additional requirements [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-5-9. Carryover Allocations and Credit returns [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-5-10. Regulatory Agreement [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-5-11. Transfer restrictions [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-5-12. Conflict of interest [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-5-13. Fees [AMENDED AND RENUMBERED TO 330:36-4-3] [Amended and Renumbered]
Subchapter 6. Program Administration
SECTION 330:36-6-1. Program violations and revocation
SECTION 330:36-6-2. [Reserved]
SECTION 330:36-6-3. Corrective and remedial actions
SECTION 330:36-6-4. [Reserved]
SECTION 330:36-6-5. Applicant and/or Owner responsibilities
SECTION 330:36-6-6. [Reserved]
SECTION 330:36-6-7. OHFA monitoring procedures
Subchapter 7. Compliance Monitoring
SECTION 330:36-7-1. Code compliance monitoring [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-7-2. Enforcement and remedies [revoked]
Subchapter 8. Qualified Contract
SECTION 330:36-8-1. Purpose
SECTION 330:36-8-2. [Reserved]
SECTION 330:36-8-3. Authority
SECTION 330:36-8-4. [Reserved]
SECTION 330:36-8-5. Policies and Procedures
SECTION 330:36-8-6. [Reserved]
SECTION 330:36-8-7. Eligibility
SECTION 330:36-8-8. [Reserved]
SECTION 330:36-8-9. Three-year Period
SECTION 330:36-8-10. [Reserved]
SECTION 330:36-8-11. Qualified Contract
Subchapter 9. Procedures for Inspecting and/or Copying Public Records
SECTION 330:36-9-1. Purpose [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-9-2. Record Custodian [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-9-3. Hours of inspection [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-9-4. Procedures for inspection of records [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-9-5. Procedures for copying records [revoked]
SECTION 330:36-9-6. Copying and reproduction fees [revoked]
Subchapter 10. Credit Assistance/Stimulus Legislation
SECTION 330:36-10-1. Purpose
SECTION 330:36-10-2. [Reserved]
SECTION 330:36-10-3. Authority
SECTION 330:36-10-4. [Reserved]
SECTION 330:36-10-5. Definitions
SECTION 330:36-10-6. [Reserved]
SECTION 330:36-10-7. Tax Credits: Exchange
SECTION 330:36-10-8. [Reserved]
SECTION 330:36-10-9. Tax Credit Assistance Program (TCAP)
SECTION 330:36-10-10. [Reserved]
SECTION 330:36-10-11. Asset Management
SECTION 330:36-10-12. [Reserved]
SECTION 330:36-10-13. Fees
SECTION 330:36-10-14. [Reserved]
SECTION 330:36-10-15. Other Enactments of Law


[Authority: The Amended Trust Indenture and Bylaws of the Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency]
[Source: Codified 7-15-94]