Chapter 50. Section 8 Existing Housing Program Rules  

Subchapter 1. Statement of Policies and Objectives
SECTION 330:50-1-1. Introduction
SECTION 330:50-1-2. OHFA Objectives
SECTION 330:50-1-3. Purpose
SECTION 330:50-1-4. Definitions
SECTION 330:50-1-5. Fair housing policy
SECTION 330:50-1-6. Service policy/accommodations
SECTION 330:50-1-7. Translations of documents
SECTION 330:50-1-8. Family outreach
SECTION 330:50-1-9. Owner outreach
SECTION 330:50-1-10. Privacy rights
SECTION 330:50-1-11. Equal employment opportunity
SECTION 330:50-1-12. Rules and regulations
SECTION 330:50-1-13. Jurisdiction
SECTION 330:50-1-14. Monitoring program performance
Subchapter 3. Eligibility for Admission
SECTION 330:50-3-1. Introduction
SECTION 330:50-3-2. Eligibility factors
SECTION 330:50-3-3. Family composition
SECTION 330:50-3-4. Head of household
SECTION 330:50-3-5. Spouse head
SECTION 330:50-3-6. Live-in attendants
SECTION 330:50-3-7. Split households prior to certificate/voucher issuance
SECTION 330:50-3-8. Multiple families in the same household
SECTION 330:50-3-9. Joint custody of children
SECTION 330:50-3-10. Income limitations
SECTION 330:50-3-11. Mandatory Social Security Numbers
SECTION 330:50-3-12. Citizenship/eligible immigration status
SECTION 330:50-3-13. Other criteria for admission
SECTION 330:50-3-14. Suitability of family
SECTION 330:50-3-15. Changes in eligibility prior to effective date of the contract
SECTION 330:50-3-16. Ineligible families
Subchapter 5. Applying for Admission
SECTION 330:50-5-1. Introduction
SECTION 330:50-5-2. How to apply
SECTION 330:50-5-3. Opening of application taking
SECTION 330:50-5-4. When application taking is suspended
SECTION 330:50-5-5. Limits on who may apply
SECTION 330:50-5-6. "Initial" application procedures
SECTION 330:50-5-7. Notification of applicant status
SECTION 330:50-5-8. Time of selection
SECTION 330:50-5-9. Completion of a full application
SECTION 330:50-5-10. Requirement to attend interview
SECTION 330:50-5-11. Selection of certificate or voucher
SECTION 330:50-5-12. Final determination and notification of eligibility
Subchapter 7. Establishing Preferences and Maintaining the Waiting List
SECTION 330:50-7-1. Introduction
SECTION 330:50-7-2. Application pool
SECTION 330:50-7-3. Special admissions
SECTION 330:50-7-4. Waiting list preferences
SECTION 330:50-7-5. Local preferences
SECTION 330:50-7-6. Exceptions for special admissions
SECTION 330:50-7-7. Targeted funding
SECTION 330:50-7-8. Preference eligibility
SECTION 330:50-7-9. Order of selection
SECTION 330:50-7-10. Final verification of preferences
SECTION 330:50-7-11. Preference denial
SECTION 330:50-7-12. Removal from waiting list and purging
SECTION 330:50-7-13. Reinstatement from waiting list
Subchapter 9. Subsidy Standards
SECTION 330:50-9-1. Introduction
SECTION 330:50-9-2. Determining Certificate/Voucher size
SECTION 330:50-9-3. Changes in Certificate/Voucher size for applicants
SECTION 330:50-9-4. Changes in Certificate/Voucher Size for Participants
SECTION 330:50-9-5. Unit size selected
Subchapter 11. Factors Related to Total Tenant Payment Determination
SECTION 330:50-11-1. Introduction
SECTION 330:50-11-2. Income and allowances
SECTION 330:50-11-3. Definition of temporarily/permanently absent
SECTION 330:50-11-4. Absence of entire family
SECTION 330:50-11-5. Absence of any member
SECTION 330:50-11-6. Absence due to medical reasons
SECTION 330:50-11-7. Absence due to incarceration
SECTION 330:50-11-8. Foster care and absences of children
SECTION 330:50-11-9. Absence of adult
SECTION 330:50-11-10. Visitors
SECTION 330:50-11-11. Reporting additions to owner and OHFA
SECTION 330:50-11-12. Reporting absences to OHFA
SECTION 330:50-11-13. Averaging income
SECTION 330:50-11-14. Minimum income
SECTION 330:50-11-15. Income of person permanently confined to nursing home
SECTION 330:50-11-16. Regular contributions and gifts
SECTION 330:50-11-17. Alimony and child support
SECTION 330:50-11-18. Lump-sum receipts
SECTION 330:50-11-19. Contributions to retirement funds - assets
SECTION 330:50-11-20. Assets disposed of for less than fair market value
SECTION 330:50-11-21. Child care expenses
SECTION 330:50-11-22. Medical expenses
SECTION 330:50-11-23. Proration of assistance for "mixed" families
SECTION 330:50-11-24. Reduction in benefits
SECTION 330:50-11-25. Utility allowance and utility reimbursement payments
Subchapter 13. Verification Procedures
SECTION 330:50-13-1. Introduction
SECTION 330:50-13-2. Methods of verification and time allowed
SECTION 330:50-13-3. Third-party written verification
SECTION 330:50-13-4. Third-party oral verification
SECTION 330:50-13-5. Review of documents
SECTION 330:50-13-6. Self-certification/Self-declaration
SECTION 330:50-13-7. Release of information
SECTION 330:50-13-8. Computer matching
SECTION 330:50-13-9. Items to be verified
SECTION 330:50-13-10. Verification of Income (Income Types)
SECTION 330:50-13-11. Income from Assets
SECTION 330:50-13-12. Verification of assets
SECTION 330:50-13-13. Verification of allowable deductions from income
SECTION 330:50-13-14. Verifying Non-Financial Factors
SECTION 330:50-13-15. Waiting list preferences
Subchapter 15. Certificate/Voucher Issuance and Briefings
SECTION 330:50-15-1. Introduction
SECTION 330:50-15-2. Issuance of Certificates/Vouchers
SECTION 330:50-15-3. Initial applicant briefing
SECTION 330:50-15-4. Applicant's required attendance
SECTION 330:50-15-5. Briefing packet
SECTION 330:50-15-6. Other information to be provided at the briefing
SECTION 330:50-15-7. Encouraging participation in areas without low income or minority concentration
SECTION 330:50-15-8. Assistance to families who claim discrimination
SECTION 330:50-15-9. Security deposit requirements
SECTION 330:50-15-10. Term of Certificate/Voucher
SECTION 330:50-15-11. Suspensions of Certificate/Voucher
SECTION 330:50-15-12. Expirations of Certificate/Voucher
SECTION 330:50-15-13. Extensions of Certificate/Voucher
SECTION 330:50-15-14. Interchangeability between Certificate and Voucher
SECTION 330:50-15-15. Certificate/Voucher issuance determination for split households
SECTION 330:50-15-16. Remaining member of tenant family - Retention of Certificate/Voucher
Subchapter 17. Request for Lease Approval and Contract Execution
SECTION 330:50-17-1. Introduction
SECTION 330:50-17-2. Request for Lease Approval
SECTION 330:50-17-3. Eligible types of housing
SECTION 330:50-17-4. Lease review
SECTION 330:50-17-5. Initial inspections
SECTION 330:50-17-6. Rent limitations
SECTION 330:50-17-7. Disapproval of proposed rent
SECTION 330:50-17-8. Information to owners
SECTION 330:50-17-9. Owner disapproval
SECTION 330:50-17-10. Change in Total Tenant Payment (TTP) prior to housing assistance payment effective date
SECTION 330:50-17-11. Contract execution process
SECTION 330:50-17-12. Change in ownership
Subchapter 19. Housing Quality Standards and Inspections
SECTION 330:50-19-1. Introduction
SECTION 330:50-19-2. Guidelines/types of inspections
SECTION 330:50-19-3. Acceptability criteria and exceptions to HQS
SECTION 330:50-19-4. Inspections
SECTION 330:50-19-5. Emergency repair items
SECTION 330:50-19-6. Consequences if owner is responsible (non-emergency items)
SECTION 330:50-19-7. Determination of responsibility
SECTION 330:50-19-8. Consequences if family is responsible
SECTION 330:50-19-9. Initial HQS inspection
SECTION 330:50-19-10. Annual HQS inspection
SECTION 330:50-19-11. Special/Complaint inspections
SECTION 330:50-19-12. Quality Control inspections
Subchapter 21. Owner Rents, Rent Reasonableness, and Payment Standards
SECTION 330:50-21-1. Introduction
SECTION 330:50-21-2. Owner payment in the certificate program
SECTION 330:50-21-3. Owner payment in the voucher program
SECTION 330:50-21-4. Making payments to owners
SECTION 330:50-21-5. Rent reasonableness determinations
SECTION 330:50-21-6. Payment Standards for the Voucher program
SECTION 330:50-21-7. Adjustments to Payment Standards
SECTION 330:50-21-8. Rent adjustments for certificate program
SECTION 330:50-21-9. Rent Adjustments for Voucher Program
Subchapter 23. Recertifications
SECTION 330:50-23-1. Introduction
SECTION 330:50-23-2. Annual activities
SECTION 330:50-23-3. Annual recertification/reexamination
SECTION 330:50-23-4. Reexamination notice to the family
SECTION 330:50-23-5. Collection of information
SECTION 330:50-23-6. Requirements to attend
SECTION 330:50-23-7. Failure to respond to notification to recertify
SECTION 330:50-23-8. Verification of information
SECTION 330:50-23-9. Tenant rent increases
SECTION 330:50-23-10. Tenant rent decreases
SECTION 330:50-23-11. Reporting interim changes
SECTION 330:50-23-12. Increases in income
SECTION 330:50-23-13. Decreases in income
SECTION 330:50-23-14. OHFA errors
SECTION 330:50-23-15. Other interim reporting issues
SECTION 330:50-23-16. Notification of results of recertifications
SECTION 330:50-23-17. Implementing changes in income (and assets)
SECTION 330:50-23-18. Procedures when the change is reported in a timely manner
SECTION 330:50-23-19. Procedures when the change is not reported by the tenant in a timely manner
SECTION 330:50-23-20. Procedures when the change is not processed by OHFA in a timely manner:
SECTION 330:50-23-21. Reporting of changes in family composition
SECTION 330:50-23-22. Increases in family size
SECTION 330:50-23-23. Continuance of assistance for "Mixed" families.
Subchapter 25. Moves with Continued Assistance/Portability
SECTION 330:50-25-1. Introduction
SECTION 330:50-25-2. Allowable moves
SECTION 330:50-25-3. Restrictions on moves
SECTION 330:50-25-4. Procedure for moves
SECTION 330:50-25-5. Portability
SECTION 330:50-25-6. Outgoing portability
SECTION 330:50-25-7. Incoming portability
Subchapter 27. Contract Terminations
SECTION 330:50-27-1. Introduction
SECTION 330:50-27-2. Contract termination
SECTION 330:50-27-3. Termination by the family: moves
SECTION 330:50-27-4. Termination by the owner: evictions
SECTION 330:50-27-5. Termination of the contract by OHFA
SECTION 330:50-27-6. Terminations due to ineligible immigration status
SECTION 330:50-27-7. Termination due to owner disapproval
Subchapter 29. Denial or Termination of Assistance
SECTION 330:50-29-1. Introduction
SECTION 330:50-29-2. Grounds for denial/termination
SECTION 330:50-29-3. Family obligations
SECTION 330:50-29-4. Housing Finance Agency discretion
SECTION 330:50-29-5. Enforcing family obligations
SECTION 330:50-29-6. Notice of termination of assistance
SECTION 330:50-29-7. Procedures for non-citizens
SECTION 330:50-29-8. $0 assistance tenants
SECTION 330:50-29-9. Option not to terminate for misrepresentation
SECTION 330:50-29-10. Misrepresentation in collusion with owner
SECTION 330:50-29-11. Missed appointments and deadlines
Subchapter 31. Owner Disapproval and Restriction
SECTION 330:50-31-1. Introduction
SECTION 330:50-31-2. Disapproval of owner
SECTION 330:50-31-3. Owner restrictions and penalties
SECTION 330:50-31-4. Other remedies for owner violations
Subchapter 33. Claims, Move-Out and Close-Out Inspections
SECTION 330:50-33-1. Introduction
SECTION 330:50-33-2. Owner claims
SECTION 330:50-33-3. Unpaid rent
SECTION 330:50-33-4. Vacancy loss in the Certificate Program
SECTION 330:50-33-5. Processing claims
Subchapter 35. Owner or Family Debts to OHFA
SECTION 330:50-35-1. Introduction
SECTION 330:50-35-2. Repayment agreement for families
SECTION 330:50-35-3. Debts owed for claims
SECTION 330:50-35-4. Debts due to fraud/non-reporting of information
SECTION 330:50-35-5. Owner debts to OHFA
SECTION 330:50-35-6. Writing off debts
Subchapter 37. Complaints and Appeals
SECTION 330:50-37-1. Introduction
SECTION 330:50-37-2. Complaints to OHFA
SECTION 330:50-37-3. Preference denials
SECTION 330:50-37-4. Eligibility for informal review
SECTION 330:50-37-5. Informal review procedures
SECTION 330:50-37-6. Informal hearing procedures
SECTION 330:50-37-7. Notification of hearing
SECTION 330:50-37-8. OHFA's hearing procedures
SECTION 330:50-37-9. Hearing and appeal provisions for "Restrictions on Assistance to Non-Citizens"
SECTION 330:50-37-10. Mitigating circumstances for applicants/participants with disabilities
Subchapter 39. Program Integrity
SECTION 330:50-39-1. Introduction
SECTION 330:50-39-2. Criteria for investigation of suspected abuse and fraud
SECTION 330:50-39-3. Steps OHFA will take to prevent program abuse and fraud
SECTION 330:50-39-4. Steps OHFA will take to detect program abuse and fraud
SECTION 330:50-39-5. OHFA's handling of allegations of possible abuse and fraud
SECTION 330:50-39-6. How OHFA will investigate allegations of abuse and fraud
SECTION 330:50-39-7. Placement of documents, evidence and statements obtained by OHFA
SECTION 330:50-39-8. Conclusion of OHFA's investigative review
SECTION 330:50-39-9. Evaluation of the findings
SECTION 330:50-39-10. Action procedures for violations which have been documented
Subchapter 41. Special Housing Types
SECTION 330:50-41-1. Introduction
SECTION 330:50-41-2. Verification of need for reasonable accommodation
SECTION 330:50-41-3. Congregate housing
SECTION 330:50-41-4. Group homes


[Authority: The Amended Trust Indenture and Bylaws of the Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency]
[Source: Codified 7-12-99]