Chapter 15. Interpretive Guidelines on Employment Discrimination  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions on Employment Discrimination
SECTION 335:15-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 335:15-1-2. Employment discrimination defined
SECTION 335:15-1-3. Discrimination defined
SECTION 335:15-1-4. Duty of fair recruitment
SECTION 335:15-1-5. Duty to plan for fair recruitment
SECTION 335:15-1-6. Allegations of discrimination in employee disciplinary actions; burden of proof
Subchapter 3. Interpretive Guidelines on Sex Discrimination
SECTION 335:15-3-1. "Employer" defined; labor organizations and employment agencies; case-by-case consideration
SECTION 335:15-3-2. Sex as a bona fide occupational qualification
SECTION 335:15-3-3. Separate lines of progression and seniority systems
SECTION 335:15-3-4. Discrimination against married women
SECTION 335:15-3-5. Sex discrimination in job opportunity advertising
SECTION 335:15-3-6. Employment agencies
SECTION 335:15-3-7. Pre-employment inquiries as to sex
SECTION 335:15-3-8. Availability of fringe benefits based on sex
SECTION 335:15-3-9. Employment policies relating to pregnancy and childbirth
SECTION 335:15-3-10. Sexual harassment related to employment
Subchapter 5. Interpretive Guidelines on Discrimination Because of Religion
SECTION 335:15-5-1. Religious nature of a practice or belief; "religious practice" defined
SECTION 335:15-5-2. Reasonable religious accommodation without undue hardship
SECTION 335:15-5-3. Alternatives for accommodating religious practices
SECTION 335:15-5-4. Undue hardship on employer for religious accommodation
Subchapter 7. Interpretive Guidelines on Discrimination Because of National Origin
SECTION 335:15-7-1. Definition of national origin discrimination
SECTION 335:15-7-2. Citizenship as prerequisite for employment
SECTION 335:15-7-3. Discriminatory employee selection procedures
SECTION 335:15-7-4. Speak-English-only rules
SECTION 335:15-7-5. Harassment based on national origin
Subchapter 9. Interpretive Guidelines on Discrimination Against the Handicapped
SECTION 335:15-9-1. Handicap as classification of employment discrimination; "handicapped person" and "qualified handicapped person" defined
SECTION 335:15-9-2. Reasonable accommodation for handicap
SECTION 335:15-9-3. Undue hardship on employer for handicap accommodation
SECTION 335:15-9-4. Pre-employment handicap inquiries
Subchapter 11. Interpretive Guidelines on Discrimination Because of Age
SECTION 335:15-11-1. Amendment to Act adding age as a protected classification
SECTION 335:15-11-2. Age discrimination between employees in protected age bracket
SECTION 335:15-11-3. Employment agency
SECTION 335:15-11-4. Age discrimination in help wanted notices or advertisements
SECTION 335:15-11-5. Age discrimination on employment applications
SECTION 335:15-11-6. Age as a bona fide occupational qualification
SECTION 335:15-11-7. Bona fide seniority systems
SECTION 335:15-11-8. Involuntary retirement exemption from non- discrimination requirements
SECTION 335:15-11-9. Age limitations for apprenticeship programs
Subchapter 13. Interpretive Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures
SECTION 335:15-13-1. Statement of purpose
SECTION 335:15-13-2. "Test" defined
SECTION 335:15-13-3. Discriminatory use of tests for hiring, promotion, or employment opportunities
SECTION 335:15-13-4. Evidence of employment test's validity as nondiscriminatory; "technically feasible" defined
SECTION 335:15-13-5. Minimum standards for validation of employee selection test as non-discriminatory
SECTION 335:15-13-6. Presentation of validation study of employee selection test
SECTION 335:15-13-7. Use of other validity studies for employee selection tests
SECTION 335:15-13-8. Assumption of test validity limited
SECTION 335:15-13-9. Continued use of tests not fully validated as non-discriminatory
SECTION 335:15-13-10. Testing by employment agencies and employment services
SECTION 335:15-13-11. Disparate treatment in employee selection
SECTION 335:15-13-12. Opportunity for retesting of "failed" employment candidates
SECTION 335:15-13-13. Employee selection techniques other than testing
SECTION 335:15-13-14. Testing of handicapped applicants or employees


[Authority: 74 O.S., §§ 952 et seq.; 25 O.S., §§ 1101 et seq.]
[Source: Codified 10-31-91]