Chapter 5. Adult Protective Services  

Subchapter 1. Adult Protective Services
SECTION 340:5-1-1. Adult Protective Services (APS) authority, core principles, and mission
SECTION 340:5-1-2. Principles of APS [revoked]
SECTION 340:5-1-3. Program coordination [revoked]
SECTION 340:5-1-4. Adult Protective Services (APS) ethical considerations
SECTION 340:5-1-5. Confidentiality
SECTION 340:5-1-6. Definitions
SECTION 340:5-1-7. Legal base [revoked]
SECTION 340:5-1-8. Complaints and concerns regarding Adult Protective Services (APS) completed service planning and investigations
Subchapter 3. Maltreatment Allegations
SECTION 340:5-3-1. Receiving maltreatment allegations
SECTION 340:5-3-2. Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline (Hotline)
SECTION 340:5-3-3. Reports received by the local human services center (HSC) [revoked]
SECTION 340:5-3-4. Referrals under the jurisdiction of entities other than Adult Protective Services (APS)
SECTION 340:5-3-5. Concurrent jurisdiction with other entities
SECTION 340:5-3-6. Screening and assigning referrals
Subchapter 5. Investigation of Adult Protective Services Reports
SECTION 340:5-5-1. Statutory authority
SECTION 340:5-5-2. Initiating investigations
SECTION 340:5-5-3. Elements of an investigation
SECTION 340:5-5-4. Special referral considerations
SECTION 340:5-5-5. Documentation of Adult Protective Services (APS) cases
SECTION 340:5-5-6. Provision of protective services to vulnerable adults
SECTION 340:5-5-7. Termination of adult protective services
SECTION 340:5-5-8. Case destruction
Subchapter 7. Long-term Care Investigations
SECTION 340:5-7-1. Referrals submitted to Long-Term Care Investigations
SECTION 340:5-7-2. Program coordination [revoked]
SECTION 340:5-7-3. Complaints concerning Long-Term Care investigators
SECTION 340:5-7-4. Screening of LTCI reports [revoked]
SECTION 340:5-7-5. Initiating long-term care investigations
SECTION 340:5-7-6. Long-Term Care Investigation elements
SECTION 340:5-7-7. Information available to Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) offices


[Authority: 43A O.S., §§ 10-101 through 10-111 and 56 O.S., §§ 162 and 230.52]
[Source: Codified 6-1-03]