Chapter 1. Administrative Operations  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 35:1-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 35:1-1-2. Statutory citations [Reserved]
SECTION 35:1-1-3. Conflicting rules
Subchapter 3. Organization and Operation
SECTION 35:1-3-1. Composition
SECTION 35:1-3-2. Personnel of the Board
SECTION 35:1-3-3. Board meetings; quorum
SECTION 35:1-3-4. Functions, duties, and operations of the divisions
Subchapter 5. Declaratory Ruling Procedures
SECTION 35:1-5-1. Request for declaratory ruling
SECTION 35:1-5-2. Filing and contents of petition
SECTION 35:1-5-3. Consideration of petition; Board action; notice to applicant
SECTION 35:1-5-4. Request for formal hearing [revoked]
SECTION 35:1-5-5. Joining of other parties affected by rule
SECTION 35:1-5-6. Ruling [revoked]
Subchapter 7. Rulemaking Procedures
SECTION 35:1-7-1. Opportunity for rulemaking hearing
SECTION 35:1-7-2. Notice of rulemaking [revoked]
SECTION 35:1-7-3. Rulemaking hearing [revoked]
SECTION 35:1-7-4. Effective date of rule [revoked]
SECTION 35:1-7-5. Emergency rules [revoked]
Subchapter 9. Individual Procedures
SECTION 35:1-9-1. Filing of papers, Administrative Law Judge, and Administrative Law Clerk
SECTION 35:1-9-2. Contents of Notice of Violation and initiation of actions
SECTION 35:1-9-3. Notice to parties
SECTION 35:1-9-4. Methods of serving notice [revoked]
SECTION 35:1-9-5. Time notice is completed [revoked]
SECTION 35:1-9-6. Time of hearing; request for extension [revoked]
SECTION 35:1-9-7. Hearing procedures
SECTION 35:1-9-8. Assistance of counsel to Board
SECTION 35:1-9-9. Record of hearing
SECTION 35:1-9-10. Reporter and transcripts [revoked]
SECTION 35:1-9-11. Findings of fact
SECTION 35:1-9-12. Testimony of witnesses
SECTION 35:1-9-13. Notice of facts
SECTION 35:1-9-14. Right to counsel [revoked]
SECTION 35:1-9-15. Final orders, proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law [revoked]
SECTION 35:1-9-16. Communication with parties [revoked]
SECTION 35:1-9-17. Subpoenas
SECTION 35:1-9-18. Refusal to obey subpoenas or to testify [revoked]
SECTION 35:1-9-19. Costs
SECTION 35:1-9-20. Requests for disqualifications
SECTION 35:1-9-21. Proof of service [revoked]
SECTION 35:1-9-22. Administration of oaths; ruling upon offers of evidence [revoked]
SECTION 35:1-9-23. Rehearing; reopening or reconsideration
SECTION 35:1-9-24. Informal disposition of an individual proceeding
SECTION 35:1-9-25. Orders
Subchapter 10. Requirements for Department Programs
SECTION 35:1-10-1. Addresses for regulated persons
SECTION 35:1-10-2. Auditing of entities located in another state
SECTION 35:1-10-3. Administrative compliance orders
SECTION 35:1-10-4. Political activity of agriculture investigators
SECTION 35:1-10-5. Appeals of stop sale, stop work orders
Subchapter 11. Licensing Procedures
SECTION 35:1-11-1. Application for license
SECTION 35:1-11-2. Expiration date of license
SECTION 35:1-11-3. Granting of license
SECTION 35:1-11-4. Continuation of license until final determination
SECTION 35:1-11-5. Notification of action on license; time granted for compliance
SECTION 35:1-11-6. Emergency suspension of license
SECTION 35:1-11-7. List of licenses required
Subchapter 12. Agricultural Development and Forestry Grants
SECTION 35:1-12-1. Purpose
SECTION 35:1-12-2. Definitions
SECTION 35:1-12-3. Contingency
SECTION 35:1-12-4. Eligibility for grant program
SECTION 35:1-12-5. Grant description
SECTION 35:1-12-6. Grant program announcements
SECTION 35:1-12-7. Grant program guidelines
SECTION 35:1-12-8. Grant limitations
SECTION 35:1-12-9. Application evaluation process
SECTION 35:1-12-10. Approval of grants
SECTION 35:1-12-11. Grant program administration
SECTION 35:1-12-12. Urban forestry and beautification grants
Subchapter 13. Agricultural Promotion Grant Program [Expired]
Appendix A. Fine Matrix [revoked]


[Authority: 2 O. S. §§ 2-4, 2-7, 2-8, and 2–18; 19 O.S., § 901.57; 75 O.S., §§ 250 et seq., 302, 305, and 307]
[Source: Codified 12-31-91]