Chapter 10. Agricultural Products  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 35:10-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 35:10-1-2. Statutory citations [Reserved]
SECTION 35:10-1-3. Handbook and publication editions
SECTION 35:10-1-4. Fee schedule for weights and measures
Subchapter 3. Eggs [revoked]
SECTION 35:10-3-1. Oklahoma standards [revoked]
SECTION 35:10-3-2. Methods of grading [revoked]
SECTION 35:10-3-3. Display of eggs for sale [revoked]
SECTION 35:10-3-4. Improper marking and signs; advertising [revoked]
SECTION 35:10-3-5. Grade labeling [revoked]
SECTION 35:10-3-6. Transportation of empty egg cases [revoked]
SECTION 35:10-3-7. Grade label exemption on cases [revoked]
SECTION 35:10-3-8. Display of egg license [revoked]
SECTION 35:10-3-9. Egg inspection fee permits [revoked]
SECTION 35:10-3-10. Samples for inspections [revoked]
Subchapter 5. Service Technicians and Service Agencies
SECTION 35:10-5-1. General
SECTION 35:10-5-2. Application
SECTION 35:10-5-3. Qualifications
SECTION 35:10-5-4. Device Categories
SECTION 35:10-5-6. Filing of records and reports
Subchapter 7. Public Warehouses
SECTION 35:10-7-1. Receipts, records, and scale tickets
SECTION 35:10-7-2. Examination fees
SECTION 35:10-7-3. Bonds
SECTION 35:10-7-4. Approval of temporary space
SECTION 35:10-7-5. Approval of emergency space
SECTION 35:10-7-6. Commodity sales contracts
SECTION 35:10-7-7. Examination of warehouse
SECTION 35:10-7-8. Warehouse safety
SECTION 35:10-7-9. Certificate of deposit requirements
SECTION 35:10-7-10. Charter effective date
SECTION 35:10-7-11. Surety application; minimum submission date
SECTION 35:10-7-12. Financial statement
SECTION 35:10-7-13. Prepositioning of commodities and storage considerations
SECTION 35:10-7-14. Warehouse suitability; physical conditions
SECTION 35:10-7-15. Weighers and graders permit
SECTION 35:10-7-16. Grade standards
SECTION 35:10-7-17. Collection of indemnity assessment
SECTION 35:10-7-18. Responsibility of the depositor
Subchapter 9. Packaging and Labeling of Products
SECTION 35:10-9-1. Packaging and labeling of products
Subchapter 11. Checking the Net Contents of Packaged Goods
SECTION 35:10-11-1. Sampling procedures
Subchapter 13. Method of Sale of Commodities
SECTION 35:10-13-1. Method of Sale of food and non-food commodities
Subchapter 15. National Type Evaluation Program
SECTION 35:10-15-1. Definitions
SECTION 35:10-15-2. Application
SECTION 35:10-15-3. Certificate of Conformance
SECTION 35:10-15-4. Participating laboratory
Subchapter 17. Open Dating
SECTION 35:10-17-1. Open dating for perishable and semi-perishable commodities
Subchapter 19. Examination Procedures for Price Verification
SECTION 35:10-19-1. Examination procedures for price verification [revoked]


[Authority: 2 O.S., §§ 2-4(2)and (29), 10-71 et seq., 9-20 et seq., and 14-1 et seq.]
[Source: Codified 12-31-91]