Chapter 2. Fees  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 35:2-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 35:2-1-2. Statutory citations
Subchapter 3. Fee Schedules
SECTION 35:2-3-1. Fee payment
SECTION 35:2-3-2. Schedules of laboratory fees
SECTION 35:2-3-2.1. Schedule of animal health testing fees
SECTION 35:2-3-2.2. Schedule of feed and fertilizer testing fees
SECTION 35:2-3-2.3. Schedule of meat chemistry testing fees
SECTION 35:2-3-2.4. Schedule of microbiological testing fees
SECTION 35:2-3-2.5. Schedule of pesticide testing fees
SECTION 35:2-3-2.6. Schedule of water and sediment inorganic testing fees
SECTION 35:2-3-2.7. Schedule of seed testing fees
SECTION 35:2-3-2.8. Schedule of Oklahoma Bureau of Standards testing fees
SECTION 35:2-3-3. Schedule of weights and measures fees
SECTION 35:2-3-4. Schedule of fees for "State Brand Book"
SECTION 35:2-3-5. Fees for meat inspection overtime
SECTION 35:2-3-6. Inspection fees for peanuts, pecans, and other fresh fruits and vegetables [revoked]
SECTION 35:2-3-7. Schedule of fees for commercial values per unit of nutrient of commercial fertilizer in the State [revoked]
SECTION 35:2-3-8. Schedule of fees for publication, "Forest Trees of Oklahoma"
SECTION 35:2-3-9. Schedule of fees for poultry programs
SECTION 35:2-3-10. Fees for meat inspection overtime service to plants requiring less than full-time inspection service [revoked]
SECTION 35:2-3-11. Schedule of fees for forest tree and shrub seedlings from the Forest Regeneration Center
SECTION 35:2-3-12. Schedule of horticulture program fees
SECTION 35:2-3-13. Schedule of combined pesticide program fees
SECTION 35:2-3-14. Schedule of fertilizer program fees
SECTION 35:2-3-15. Schedule of ag-lime program fees
SECTION 35:2-3-16. Schedule of soil-amendment program fees
SECTION 35:2-3-17. Schedule of feed program fees
SECTION 35:2-3-18. Schedule of seed program fees
SECTION 35:2-3-19. Organic crop certification program fees
SECTION 35:2-3-20. Schedule of fees for the garbage feeding program [Reserved]
SECTION 35:2-3-21. Schedule of fees for milk and milk products
SECTION 35:2-3-22. Schedule of fees for the egg program
SECTION 35:2-3-23. Schedule of fees for the public warehouse program
SECTION 35:2-3-24. Livestock auction market and livestock dealer fees
SECTION 35:2-3-25. Brand registration fees
SECTION 35:2-3-26. Apiary program fees
SECTION 35:2-3-27. 1 Aquaculture program fees
SECTION 35:2-3-28. Swine Special Sale fees
SECTION 35:2-3-29. 1 General animal industry supply fees


[Authority: 2 O.S., §§ 2-4(2)(3), (20), and (29), 20-12(F)(3), 3-32.1 et seq., 3-100 et seq., and 14-83; OKLA.CONST. art VI § 31]
[Source: Codified 12-31-91]