Chapter 55. Commercial Pet Breeders and Animal Shelters

Subchapter 1. Licensing
SECTION 35:55-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 35:55-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 35:55-1-3. License required
SECTION 35:55-1-4. License application
SECTION 35:55-1-5. Grounds for denial, suspension, or revocation of a license
SECTION 35:55-1-6. Inspections
SECTION 35:55-1-7. Changes of information
SECTION 35:55-1-8. Fees
SECTION 35:55-1-9. Annual report
SECTION 35:55-1-10. Renewals
SECTION 35:55-1-11. Complaints
SECTION 35:55-1-12. Display of license
SECTION 35:55-1-13. Exemption for training animals
Subchapter 3. Standards of Care
SECTION 35:55-3-1. Incorporation by reference
SECTION 35:55-3-2. Watering
SECTION 35:55-3-3. Compatibility
SECTION 35:55-3-4. Primary enclosures
SECTION 35:55-3-5. Waste management
SECTION 35:55-3-6. Veterinary care
SECTION 35:55-3-6.1. Canine brucellosis
SECTION 35:55-3-7. Grooming
SECTION 35:55-3-8. Quarantine
SECTION 35:55-3-9. Animal identification
SECTION 35:55-3-10. Euthanasia procedures
SECTION 35:55-3-11. Breeding
Subchapter 5. Transportation [revoked]
SECTION 35:55-5-1. General transportation requirements [revoked]
SECTION 35:55-5-2. General travel requirements [revoked]
SECTION 35:55-5-3. Consignments to carriers [revoked]
SECTION 35:55-5-4. Primary enclosures used to transport live pets [revoked]
SECTION 35:55-5-5. Food and water during transportation [revoked]
Subchapter 7. Recordkeeping and Sales
SECTION 35:55-7-1. Records
SECTION 35:55-7-2. Pet health history provided to recipient; sale of unhealthy pets
SECTION 35:55-7-3. Sales invoice or statement
SECTION 35:55-7-4. Location of sales
SECTION 35:55-7-5. Prohibition on the purchase, sale, or transportation of stolen pets
SECTION 35:55-7-6. Other requirements or acts prohibited


Editor's Note: Effective 7-1-12, the Board of Commercial Pet Breeders was abolished and the Commerical Pet Breeders Act of 2012 was enacted at 4 O.S., §§ 30.1 et seq., to be "administered by the State Board of Agriculture" [4 O.S., § 30.1 and Laws 2012, c. 302]. The Board of Agriculture promulgated emergency rules in this Chapter effective 6-21-12, which were superseded by permanent rules effective 7-1-13. For the text of rules that were effective before the Board of Commercial Pet Breeders was abolished, see OAC 532 in the 2011 Edition of the OAC.

[Authority: 2 O.S., §§ 2-4; 4 O.S., § 30 et seq.; OKLA.CONST. Art VI § 31]
[Source: Codified 7-1-13]