Chapter 15. The Disability Plan [revoked]  

SECTION 360:15-1-1. Purpose [revoked]
SECTION 360:15-1-2. Definitions [revoked]
SECTION 360:15-1-3. Gender reference [revoked]
SECTION 360:15-1-4. Absence on eligibility date [revoked]
SECTION 360:15-1-5. Commencement of disability [revoked]
SECTION 360:15-1-6. Multiple disability claims [revoked]
SECTION 360:15-1-7. Recurrent disability [revoked]
SECTION 360:15-1-8. Partial disability [revoked]
SECTION 360:15-1-8.5. Preexisting conditions [revoked]
SECTION 360:15-1-9. Pre-existing conditions [revoked]
SECTION 360:15-1-10. Proof of claim [revoked]
SECTION 360:15-1-11. Duration and amounts of benefits [revoked]
SECTION 360:15-1-12. Benefit offsets [revoked]
SECTION 360:15-1-13. Determination of monthly benefits [revoked]
SECTION 360:15-1-14. Payment of benefits [revoked]
SECTION 360:15-1-14.1. Direct deposit and insurance premium deductions [revoked]
SECTION 360:15-1-15. Lump sum settlement [revoked]
SECTION 360:15-1-16. Examination [revoked]
SECTION 360:15-1-17. Rehabilitation [revoked]
SECTION 360:15-1-18. Suspension or termination of benefits [revoked]
SECTION 360:15-1-19. Termination of benefits [revoked]
SECTION 360:15-1-20. Termination of coverage [revoked]
SECTION 360:15-1-21. Termination of plan [revoked]
SECTION 360:15-1-22. Retention of other insurance [revoked]
SECTION 360:15-1-23. Recovery of FICA contributions [revoked]
SECTION 360:15-1-24. Enrollment [revoked]
SECTION 360:15-1-25. Insurance/Benefits Coordinator [revoked]
SECTION 360:15-1-26. Payroll deductions [revoked]
SECTION 360:15-1-27. Grievance procedures [revoked]
SECTION 360:15-1-28. Exclusions [revoked]
SECTION 360:15-1-29. Penal institution [revoked]
SECTION 360:15-1-30. Rules, cumulative [revoked]
SECTION 360:15-1-31. Amending of rules [revoked]


[Authority: 74 O.S., § 1332]
[Source: Codified 12-31-91]