Chapter 15. Property and Casualty  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 365:15-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 365:15-1-2. Severability
SECTION 365:15-1-3. Property and casualty form filings
SECTION 365:15-1-3.1. Workers' compensation optional deductible form
SECTION 365:15-1-3.2. Financial requirements - mega deductible workers' compensation policies
SECTION 365:15-1-4. Use of property and casualty insurance policy records
SECTION 365:15-1-5. Allocation of taxable premiums received from the sale of homeowner's and other multiple peril insurance policies to the firemen's relief and pension fund [revoked]
SECTION 365:15-1-6. Nationwide inland marine definition
SECTION 365:15-1-7. Fictitious grouping defined
SECTION 365:15-1-8. Unearned premium reserve fund
SECTION 365:15-1-9. Unfair discrimination on basis of blindness or partial blindness
SECTION 365:15-1-10. Policy of insurance shall include insurer's complete name and street address and insurance claim warning
SECTION 365:15-1-11. Testimonials or endorsements by third parties
SECTION 365:15-1-12. Duration of filings [revoked]
SECTION 365:15-1-13. Expiration of policies
SECTION 365:15-1-14. Notice of cancellation or non-renewal
SECTION 365:15-1-15. Standard policy provision-defense expenses within the limit of liability
SECTION 365:15-1-16. Standard policy provision - medical payments
SECTION 365:15-1-17. Standard policy provision - life and health insurance provisions
SECTION 365:15-1-18. Withdrawal or discontinue writing
SECTION 365:15-1-19. Blank endorsements
SECTION 365:15-1-20. Oklahoma Risk Retention Act
SECTION 365:15-1-21. Article 36 of the Insurance Code
SECTION 365:15-1-22. Processing Fee for Affidavit of Exempt Status [revoked]
SECTION 365:15-1-23. Exclusion from Ocean Marine Definitions
SECTION 365:15-1-24. Appeals of rating classifications
SECTION 365:15-1-25. Loss runs and claims history
Subchapter 3. Claims Resolution and Unfair Claim Settlement Practices
SECTION 365:15-3-1. Purpose
SECTION 365:15-3-2. Definitions
SECTION 365:15-3-2.1. Minimum standard of performance
SECTION 365:15-3-3. File and record documentation
SECTION 365:15-3-4. Misrepresentation of policy provisions
SECTION 365:15-3-5. Failure to acknowledge pertinent communications
SECTION 365:15-3-6. Standards for prompt investigation of claims
SECTION 365:15-3-7. Standards for prompt, fair and equitable settlements applicable to all insurers
SECTION 365:15-3-8. Standards for prompt, fair and equitable settlements applicable to automobile insurance
SECTION 365:15-3-9. Separability provision
Subchapter 5. Liability Reports [revoked]
SECTION 365:15-5-1. Oklahoma special professional and other liability insurance data reporting [revoked]
SECTION 365:15-5-2. Liability supplemental report by ten largest insurers in certain categories [revoked]
Subchapter 7. Property and Casualty Competitive Loss Cost Rating Regulation
SECTION 365:15-7-1. Purpose
SECTION 365:15-7-2. Severability
SECTION 365:15-7-3. Property and casualty rate, loss cost and manual rule filings
SECTION 365:15-7-4. Advisory Organization deviations
SECTION 365:15-7-5. Duration of filings
SECTION 365:15-7-6. Excess consent rate filings
SECTION 365:15-7-7. Forms governed by Article 36 [revoked]
SECTION 365:15-7-8. Group filings
SECTION 365:15-7-9. Independent filings
SECTION 365:15-7-10. Reference filings
SECTION 365:15-7-11. Members of or subscribers to a licensed advisory organization
SECTION 365:15-7-12. Resubmittal of disapproved or rejected filings.
SECTION 365:15-7-13. Retroactive filings [revoked]
SECTION 365:15-7-14. Delivery of policy to insured.
SECTION 365:15-7-15. Persons requesting notice of filings [revoked]
SECTION 365:15-7-16. Statistical plans
SECTION 365:15-7-17. Suspension or modification of filing requirements [revoked]
SECTION 365:15-7-18. Technicians
SECTION 365:15-7-19. Deferred Premium Payment Plans
SECTION 365:15-7-20. Uniform application of deviations [revoked]
SECTION 365:15-7-21. Package discount
SECTION 365:15-7-22. Individual risk rating plans
SECTION 365:15-7-23. Waiver of Premium
SECTION 365:15-7-24. Oklahoma Risk Retention Act
SECTION 365:15-7-25. Multi tiering
SECTION 365:15-7-26. Weather related claims
SECTION 365:15-7-27. Credit related policies
SECTION 365:15-7-28. Use of lack of prior insurance in underwriting or rating
SECTION 365:15-7-29. Workers' Compensation Insurance
SECTION 365:15-7-30. Special Commercial Risks
SECTION 365:15-7-31. Withdrawal or Discontinue Writing
SECTION 365:15-7-32. Use of "a" rates
Subchapter 9. Medical Professional Liability Rate Setting [revoked]
SECTION 365:15-9-1. Purpose [revoked]
SECTION 365:15-9-2. Severability [revoked]
SECTION 365:15-9-3. Notice to Policyholders [revoked]
SECTION 365:15-9-4. Certified shorthand reporter [revoked]
SECTION 365:15-9-5. Purchasing Groups [revoked]
SECTION 365:15-9-6. Rating Organizations [revoked]
SECTION 365:15-9-6.1. Umbrella medical professional liability coverage [revoked]
SECTION 365:15-9-7. Right to Appeal [revoked]
SECTION 365:15-9-8. Miscellaneous [revoked]
SECTION 365:15-9-9. Rate change application is a public record [revoked]
SECTION 365:15-9-10. Property and casualty rate, loss cost and manual rule filings [revoked]
SECTION 365:15-9-11. Duration of filings [revoked]
SECTION 365:15-9-12. Forms governed by Article 36 [revoked]
SECTION 365:15-9-13. Group filings [revoked]
SECTION 365:15-9-14. Independent filings [revoked]
SECTION 365:15-9-15. Reference filings [revoked]
SECTION 365:15-9-16. Members of or subscribers to a licensed advisory organization [revoked]
SECTION 365:15-9-17. Resubmittal of disapproved or rejected filing [revoked]
SECTION 365:15-9-18. Statistical plans [revoked]
SECTION 365:15-9-19. Outside Review [revoked]
SECTION 365:15-9-20. Individual risk rating plans [revoked]
SECTION 365:15-9-21. Waiver of Premium [revoked]
SECTION 365:15-9-22. Withdrawal or discontinue writing [revoked]
Appendix A. Format for Supplemental Data Reporting by Largest Property and Casualty Insurers [revoked]
Appendix B. Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Mandatory Optional Deductible Acceptance/Rejection Form
Appendix C. Excess Consent Rate Application
Appendix D. Format for Notification to Policyholders of Application for Rate Change [revoked]


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[Source: Codified 12-31-91]