Chapter 25. Oklahoma Self-Defense Act  

Subchapter 1. Application for Concealed Handgun License
SECTION 375:25-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 375:25-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 375:25-1-3. Request for an application packet
SECTION 375:25-1-4. Submission of application form
SECTION 375:25-1-4.1. Withdrawal of application
SECTION 375:25-1-5. Investigation of license applications and issuance or denial of license
SECTION 375:25-1-5.1. Failure to properly complete SDA application
SECTION 375:25-1-5.2. Physician statement
SECTION 375:25-1-6. Application for firearms instructors [Expired]
SECTION 375:25-1-7. Application for renewal of handgun license
SECTION 375:25-1-8. Issuance of replacement or updated licenses
SECTION 375:25-1-9. Suspension and revocation of license
SECTION 375:25-1-10. Deposit of application fees
Subchapter 3. Hearings
SECTION 375:25-3-1. Purpose
SECTION 375:25-3-2. Scope of rules
SECTION 375:25-3-3. General rules regarding hearings
SECTION 375:25-3-4. Time and place of hearing
SECTION 375:25-3-4.1. Location of hearings/security measures [Expired]
SECTION 375:25-3-5. Withdrawal of hearing request or dismissal of hearings
SECTION 375:25-3-6. Effect of dismissal
SECTION 375:25-3-7. Initiation of hearings
SECTION 375:25-3-8. Hearing examiners
SECTION 375:25-3-9. Representation and participation
SECTION 375:25-3-10. Pleadings
SECTION 375:25-3-11. Conduct of hearings
SECTION 375:25-3-12. Decision of hearing examiner
SECTION 375:25-3-13. Witnesses and penalty for false statements
SECTION 375:25-3-14. Evidence, official notice
SECTION 375:25-3-15. Transcripts
SECTION 375:25-3-16. Order issuing from a hearing on the merits
SECTION 375:25-3-17. Default judgement
SECTION 375:25-3-18. Computation of time
SECTION 375:25-3-19. Extension of time
SECTION 375:25-3-20. Service
SECTION 375:25-3-21. Burden, standard of proof, order of proof
SECTION 375:25-3-22. Action of the hearing officer when the licensee fails to appear
SECTION 375:25-3-23. Licensees who refuse to give testimony
SECTION 375:25-3-24. Reinstatement of suspended licenses


[Authority: 21 O.S., §§ 1290.1 et seq.]
[Source: Codified 7-11-96]