Chapter 30. Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation Laboratory  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 375:30-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 375:30-1-2. Definitions
Subchapter 3. Collection and Submission of DNA Samples from the Oklahoma Department of Corrections
SECTION 375:30-3-1. Function; scope
SECTION 375:30-3-2. Training of personnel to collect DNA offender samples
SECTION 375:30-3-3. Collection of and submission of DNA offender samples
Subchapter 5. Collection and Submission of Forensic Evidence for DNA Profiling
SECTION 375:30-5-1. Function; scope
SECTION 375:30-5-2. Submission of DNA samples to the OSBI
SECTION 375:30-5-3. Referral of cases to outside laboratories
SECTION 375:30-5-4. Notification of parties when a potential DNA database match occurs
Subchapter 7. Analysis of State DNA Offender Databank Samples
SECTION 375:30-7-1. Function; scope
SECTION 375:30-7-2. Processing of samples at the OSBI
SECTION 375:30-7-3. Referral of analysis to other private or governmental laboratories
Subchapter 9. Removal of DNA Records From State DNA database
SECTION 375:30-9-1. Function; scope
SECTION 375:30-9-2. Removal of DNA records from the OSBI DNA Offender Database
Subchapter 11. General Rules for Submission of Evidence
SECTION 375:30-11-1. Function; Scope
SECTION 375:30-11-2. Definitions
SECTION 375:30-11-3. Evidence submissions to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation
SECTION 375:30-11-4. Request for Laboratory Examination form
SECTION 375:30-11-5. Sealing of evidence
SECTION 375:30-11-6. Submission of evidence by mail/private courier
SECTION 375:30-11-7. Disposition of evidence


[Authority: 75 O. S., §§ 250 et seq.; 22 O. S., §§ 991a et seq.]
[Source: Codified 7-11-96]