Chapter 8. Records Retention and Destruction  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 375:8-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 375:8-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 375:8-1-3. Permanent storage
SECTION 375:8-1-4. Convenience copies
SECTION 375:8-1-5. In office retention
Subchapter 3. Administrative Records
SECTION 375:8-3-1. Minutes-official
SECTION 375:8-3-2. Correspondence
SECTION 375:8-3-3. Legislative files
SECTION 375:8-3-4. Reports
SECTION 375:8-3-5. Telephone memo books
SECTION 375:8-3-6. Telephone logs
SECTION 375:8-3-7. Radio logs
SECTION 375:8-3-8. OSBI Staff meetings
SECTION 375:8-3-9. Mailing lists
SECTION 375:8-3-10. Policies and procedures file
SECTION 375:8-3-11. Calendars of events
SECTION 375:8-3-12. Litigation files-Attorney General is attorney of record
SECTION 375:8-3-13. Litigation files-staff or private attorney is attorney of record
SECTION 375:8-3-14. Litigation files-OSBI not a party
SECTION 375:8-3-15. Real property file
SECTION 375:8-3-16. Risk Management Certificate of Self Insurance
SECTION 375:8-3-17. Property inventory/surveys
SECTION 375:8-3-18. Incident reports
SECTION 375:8-3-19. Workers' Compensation claims records
SECTION 375:8-3-20. Safety audits
SECTION 375:8-3-21. Safety correspondence
SECTION 375:8-3-22. Rule making and Oklahoma Administrative Code
SECTION 375:8-3-23. Oklahoma Publications Clearinghouse transmittal forms
SECTION 375:8-3-24. Semiannual publications list
SECTION 375:8-3-25. Public relations file
SECTION 375:8-3-26. Patent files
SECTION 375:8-3-27. Audit reports
SECTION 375:8-3-28. State and federal guidelines-unpublished
SECTION 375:8-3-29. State and federal guidelines-published
SECTION 375:8-3-30. Organizational charts
SECTION 375:8-3-31. Building facility inspection reports
SECTION 375:8-3-32. Loyalty oaths
SECTION 375:8-3-33. Attorney General opinions
SECTION 375:8-3-34. Landscape architect, engineer, and architect selection records
SECTION 375:8-3-35. Capital improvement projects records
SECTION 375:8-3-36. Court orders
SECTION 375:8-3-37. Open meetings filings
SECTION 375:8-3-38. Commission correspondence
SECTION 375:8-3-39. Commission membership records
SECTION 375:8-3-40. Desk calendars and appointment books
SECTION 375:8-3-41. Insurance documentation excluding Risk Management, employee insurance and State Insurance Fund documentation
SECTION 375:8-3-42. Other administrative records
Subchapter 5. Financial Records
SECTION 375:8-5-1. Accounting records
SECTION 375:8-5-2. Budget records
SECTION 375:8-5-3. State finance reports
SECTION 375:8-5-4. Payroll financial records
SECTION 375:8-5-5. Procurement and other costs related records
SECTION 375:8-5-6. Other financial records
Subchapter 7. Personnel Records
SECTION 375:8-7-1. Personnel records of regular state employees (active)
SECTION 375:8-7-2. Personnel records of temporary state employees
SECTION 375:8-7-3. Personnel records of regular state employees (inactive)
SECTION 375:8-7-4. Contractual employment records
SECTION 375:8-7-5. Employment applications and interviews records for applicants not hired
SECTION 375:8-7-6. Requests for certification records
SECTION 375:8-7-7. Office of Personnel Management correspondence
SECTION 375:8-7-8. Reduction in force plans
SECTION 375:8-7-9. Affirmative action records
SECTION 375:8-7-10. Agency promotional plans
SECTION 375:8-7-11. Salary administration plan
SECTION 375:8-7-12. Current employee rosters
SECTION 375:8-7-13. Unemployment compensation claims records
SECTION 375:8-7-14. Workers Compensation quarterly report
SECTION 375:8-7-15. Workers Compensation accident records
SECTION 375:8-7-16. Job descriptions-merit
SECTION 375:8-7-17. Job descriptions-non-merit
SECTION 375:8-7-18. Grievance procedures records
SECTION 375:8-7-19. Merit Protection Commission cases
SECTION 375:8-7-20. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint records
SECTION 375:8-7-21. Access badges
SECTION 375:8-7-22. Benefit information
SECTION 375:8-7-23. Position description questionnaire
SECTION 375:8-7-24. Chemical information lists (CIL)
SECTION 375:8-7-25. Material safety data sheets
SECTION 375:8-7-26. Garnishment records
SECTION 375:8-7-27. Internal Revenue Service levies records
SECTION 375:8-7-28. Department of Justice Immigration and Naturalization Service form I-9
SECTION 375:8-7-29. Work activity sheets
SECTION 375:8-7-30. Selection procedure and recruitment record
SECTION 375:8-7-31. Employee mediation records
SECTION 375:8-7-32. OSHA log and summary of occupational injuries and illnesses
SECTION 375:8-7-33. OSHA supplementary record
SECTION 375:8-7-34. Oklahoma log and summary of occupational injuries and illnesses
SECTION 375:8-7-35. Personnel transaction freeze exception request
SECTION 375:8-7-36. Other personnel records
Subchapter 9. Electronic Records
SECTION 375:8-9-1. Data processing, planning, development, and evaluation records
SECTION 375:8-9-2. Systems documentation records
SECTION 375:8-9-3. Internal systems usage logs
SECTION 375:8-9-4. Federal Bureau of Investigation systems usage logs
SECTION 375:8-9-5. E-Mail
Subchapter 11. Investigative Records
SECTION 375:8-11-1. Investigative records
SECTION 375:8-11-2. Criminal Intelligence Unit records
Subchapter 13. Criminalistic Records
SECTION 375:8-13-1. Criminalistic records
Subchapter 15. Information Services Records
SECTION 375:8-15-1. District Attorney reports to the OSBI
SECTION 375:8-15-2. Criminal history information request forms
SECTION 375:8-15-3. Self Defense Act application files
SECTION 375:8-15-4. Uniform crime reporting documents
SECTION 375:8-15-5. Open Records Act files


[Authority: 74 O.S., §150.7(2)]
[Source: Codified 6-26-00]