Chapter 1. Administrative Operations  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 380:1-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 380:1-1-2. Origin and personnel
SECTION 380:1-1-3. Powers and duties
SECTION 380:1-1-4. Purpose of Department
SECTION 380:1-1-5. Access to Department of Labor records
SECTION 380:1-1-6. Emergency actions
Subchapter 3. Rule Making Procedures
SECTION 380:1-3-1. Opportunity for hearing
SECTION 380:1-3-2. Notice
SECTION 380:1-3-3. Rule making hearing
SECTION 380:1-3-4. Effective date
SECTION 380:1-3-5. Emergency rules
Subchapter 5. Procedure for Declaratory Ruling
SECTION 380:1-5-1. Request for ruling
SECTION 380:1-5-2. Filing and contents of petition
SECTION 380:1-5-3. Consideration of the petition refusal to issue ruling
SECTION 380:1-5-4. Request for formal hearing
SECTION 380:1-5-5. Joining of other parties affected by rule
SECTION 380:1-5-6. Issuance of the ruling
Subchapter 7. Individual Proceedings, Public Hearings and Formal Procedures
SECTION 380:1-7-1. Definitions
SECTION 380:1-7-2. Filing of papers
SECTION 380:1-7-3. Contents of petition
SECTION 380:1-7-4. Contents of petition for cease and desist orders
SECTION 380:1-7-5. Notice of parties
SECTION 380:1-7-6. Methods of serving notice
SECTION 380:1-7-7. Time notice is completed
SECTION 380:1-7-8. Time of hearing: request for extension
SECTION 380:1-7-9. Hearing procedures: presiding officer
SECTION 380:1-7-10. Assistance of counsel to the Labor Commissioner
SECTION 380:1-7-11. Record of hearing
SECTION 380:1-7-12. Reporter and transcripts
SECTION 380:1-7-13. Findings of fact
SECTION 380:1-7-14. Testimony of witnesses
SECTION 380:1-7-15. Notice of facts
SECTION 380:1-7-16. Right to counsel
SECTION 380:1-7-17. Final orders, proposed finding of facts, and conclusions of law
SECTION 380:1-7-18. Subpoenas
SECTION 380:1-7-19. Refusal to obey subpoena or to testify
SECTION 380:1-7-20. Costs
SECTION 380:1-7-21. Proof of service
SECTION 380:1-7-22. Administration of oaths, ruling upon offers of evidence
SECTION 380:1-7-23. Rehearing, reopening, or reconsideration
SECTION 380:1-7-24. Informal hearing of a matter
SECTION 380:1-7-25. Stipulation of an order
Subchapter 9. Licensing Procedures
SECTION 380:1-9-1. Applications for licenses
SECTION 380:1-9-2. Granting of license [revoked]
SECTION 380:1-9-3. Notification of action on license
SECTION 380:1-9-4. Revocation of licenses for failure to pay child support
SECTION 380:1-9-5. Fee waivers for license or certification for low-income individuals


[Authority: 75 O.S., §§ 301 et seq.]
[Source: Codified 12-31-91]