Chapter 25. Boiler and Pressure Vessel Rules  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 380:25-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 380:25-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 380:25-1-3. Fees
Subchapter 3. Administration
SECTION 380:25-3-1. Minimum construction standards for boilers and pressure vessels
SECTION 380:25-3-2. Frequency and criteria of inspections of boilers, pressure vessels, and hot water supply heaters
SECTION 380:25-3-3. Notification of inspection
SECTION 380:25-3-4. Adoption of national standards
SECTION 380:25-3-5. Certificate of competency and identification card
SECTION 380:25-3-6. Conflict of interest
SECTION 380:25-3-7. Inspection reports to be submitted by inspectors (excludes owner/user agencies under the scope of API)
SECTION 380:25-3-8. Insurance companies to notify chief inspector of new, cancelled or suspended insurance on boilers or pressure vessels
SECTION 380:25-3-9. Special inspectors to notify chief boiler inspector of unsafe boilers and pressure vessels
SECTION 380:25-3-10. Owner/userinspection agency
SECTION 380:25-3-11. Defective conditions disclosed at time of external inspection
SECTION 380:25-3-12. Owner or user to notify chief inspector of accident
SECTION 380:25-3-13. Inspection certificate and inspection fees
SECTION 380:25-3-14. Validity of certificates of operation
SECTION 380:25-3-15. Restamping boilers and pressure vessels
SECTION 380:25-3-16. Penalty for operation of unsafe boilers or pressure vessels
SECTION 380:25-3-17. Condemned boilers and pressure vessels
SECTION 380:25-3-18. Reinstallation of boilers or pressure vessels
SECTION 380:25-3-19. Installation, operations, sale or offering for sale of non-standard boilers or pressure vessels
SECTION 380:25-3-20. Installation of used or secondhand boilers or pressure vessels
SECTION 380:25-3-21. Reinstalled boilers or pressure vessels
SECTION 380:25-3-22. Working pressure for existing installations
SECTION 380:25-3-23. Repairs and/or alterations
SECTION 380:25-3-24. Riveted patches
SECTION 380:25-3-25. Safety appliances
SECTION 380:25-3-26. Requirements for new installations
SECTION 380:25-3-27. Application of state serial numbers
SECTION 380:25-3-28. Variation
SECTION 380:25-3-29. Penalties
SECTION 380:25-3-30. Adoption of CSD-1 Controls and Safety Devices for Automatically Fired Boilers [revoked]
Subchapter 5. Existing Installations
Subchapter 7. General Requirements
SECTION 380:25-7-1. Inspection of boilers and pressure vessels
SECTION 380:25-7-2. Preparation for inspection
SECTION 380:25-7-3. Boilers and pressure vessels improperly prepared for inspection
SECTION 380:25-7-4. Removal of covering to permit inspection
SECTION 380:25-7-5. Lap seam crack
SECTION 380:25-7-6. Pressure tests
SECTION 380:25-7-7. Automatic low water fuel cutoff and/or water feeding device
SECTION 380:25-7-8. Pressure reducing valves
SECTION 380:25-7-9. Boiler blowoff equipment
SECTION 380:25-7-10. Location of discharge piping outlets
SECTION 380:25-7-11. Repairs or alterations
SECTION 380:25-7-12. Supports
SECTION 380:25-7-13. Boiler door latches
SECTION 380:25-7-14. Clearance
SECTION 380:25-7-15. Ladders and runways
SECTION 380:25-7-16. Exit from boiler
SECTION 380:25-7-17. Operation and maintenance
SECTION 380:25-7-18. Air and ventilation requirements - combustion air supply and ventilation of boiler room
SECTION 380:25-7-19. Conditions not covered by these rules and regulations
Subchapter 9. Downstream Welded Steam Lines
SECTION 380:25-9-1. Welding requirements
SECTION 380:25-9-2. Inspection
SECTION 380:25-9-3. Construction codes available
SECTION 380:25-9-4. Owner/user inspection
Subchapter 11. Hot Water Supply Heaters Minimum Inspection Criteria
SECTION 380:25-11-1. General criteria
Subchapter 13. Licensing of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Service, Repair and/or Installers
SECTION 380:25-13-1. General
SECTION 380:25-13-2. Application for license
SECTION 380:25-13-3. Qualification for welding, effective January 1, 1989
SECTION 380:25-13-4. Applicants' business affiliations
SECTION 380:25-13-5. License not required [revoked]
SECTION 380:25-13-6. Fee for license
SECTION 380:25-13-7. Annual renewal of license
Subchapter 15. Boiler and Pressure Vessel Renting and/or Leasing
SECTION 380:25-15-1. Rental boiler maintenance
SECTION 380:25-15-2. Mobile boiler inspection
Subchapter 17. Examinations
SECTION 380:25-17-1. General provisions
SECTION 380:25-17-2. National Board Commission examination
SECTION 380:25-17-3. American Petroleum Institute examination
SECTION 380:25-17-4. Boiler operator license examinations
Subchapter 19. Boiler Operator Licensing
SECTION 380:25-19-1. Boiler operator licensing
Appendix A. Expansion Tank Capacity Chart


[Authority: 40 O.S., §§ 1 and 141.1 et seq.]
[Source: Codified 12-31-91]