Chapter 50. Abatement of Friable Asbestos Materials Rules  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 380:50-1-2. Definitions
Subchapter 3. Adoption of Standards
SECTION 380:50-3-1. Adoption of national standards
SECTION 380:50-3-2. Other contractor requirements
SECTION 380:50-3-3. Supremacy of conflicting requirements
Subchapter 4. Project Design Requirements
SECTION 380:50-4-1. General requirements
SECTION 380:50-4-2. AHERA project design requirements
SECTION 380:50-4-3. Non-AHERA project design requirements
SECTION 380:50-4-4. O&M project design requirements
Subchapter 5. Contractor, Supervisor, and Worker Licensing Requirements
SECTION 380:50-5-1. Applications [revoked]
SECTION 380:50-5-2. Licensing of contractors and asbestos abatement workers [revoked]
SECTION 380:50-5-3. Requirements for an operation and maintenance (O&M) license [revoked]
SECTION 380:50-5-4. AHERA licensing requirements [revoked]
SECTION 380:50-5-5. Licensing of asbestos abatement contractors
SECTION 380:50-5-6. Licensing of operation and maintenance (O&M) contractors [revoked]
SECTION 380:50-5-7. Licensing of operation and maintenance (O&M) workers [revoked]
SECTION 380:50-5-8. Licensing of asbestos abatement supervisors
SECTION 380:50-5-9. Licensing of asbestos abatement workers
SECTION 380:50-5-10. Licensing of AHERA asbestos inspectors
SECTION 380:50-5-11. Licensing of AHERA asbestos management planners
SECTION 380:50-5-12. Licensing of AHERA project designers
SECTION 380:50-5-13. Training requirements [revoked]
Subchapter 6. Training Requirements
SECTION 380:50-6-1. Applicability
SECTION 380:50-6-2. Initial training for asbestos workers
SECTION 380:50-6-3. Initial training for asbestos contractors and supervisors
SECTION 380:50-6-4. Initial training for asbestos inspectors
SECTION 380:50-6-5. Initial training for asbestos management planners
SECTION 380:50-6-6. Initial training for asbestos project designers
SECTION 380:50-6-7. Examinations for asbestos workers
SECTION 380:50-6-8. Examinations for asbestos supervisors
SECTION 380:50-6-9. Examinations for asbestos inspectors
SECTION 380:50-6-10. Examinations for asbestos management planners
SECTION 380:50-6-11. Examinations for asbestos project designers
SECTION 380:50-6-12. Refresher training
SECTION 380:50-6-13. Approval of asbestos training courses
SECTION 380:50-6-14. Reciprocity
SECTION 380:50-6-15. Foreign language courses
SECTION 380:50-6-16. Recordkeeping requirements
Subchapter 7. Violations
SECTION 380:50-7-1. Violations
SECTION 380:50-7-2. Violations and revocation of accreditation
SECTION 380:50-7-3. Fines
Subchapter 9. Contractor Procedures
SECTION 380:50-9-1. Contractor notification
SECTION 380:50-9-2. Emergency notification
SECTION 380:50-9-3. Authorization to proceed
SECTION 380:50-9-4. Respirator program requirements [revoked]
SECTION 380:50-9-5. Notifications of hazards
SECTION 380:50-9-6. Re-notification requirements
SECTION 380:50-9-7. Waste shipment records
Subchapter 11. Laboratory Requirements
SECTION 380:50-11-1. Daily air monitoring requirements
SECTION 380:50-11-2. Clean-test requirements
SECTION 380:50-11-3. Sampling and monitoring requirements
SECTION 380:50-11-4. Microscope requirements
SECTION 380:50-11-5. Technician's requirements
SECTION 380:50-11-6. Cassett retention [revoked]
SECTION 380:50-11-7. Third party monitoring requirements for private contractors
Subchapter 13. Glovebag Operations
SECTION 380:50-13-1. General requirements
SECTION 380:50-13-2. Operation and maintenance limitations [revoked]
SECTION 380:50-13-3. Personal protective equipment requirements [revoked]
SECTION 380:50-13-4. Hepa vacuum requirements [revoked]
Subchapter 14. Operation and Maintenance Procedures
SECTION 380:50-14-1. General operation and maintenance requirements
SECTION 380:50-14-2. Approval procedures
Subchapter 15. Worker and Work Area Protection
SECTION 380:50-15-1. Contractor responsibility
SECTION 380:50-15-2. Respirator requirements
SECTION 380:50-15-3. Worker respirator requirements [revoked]
SECTION 380:50-15-4. Respirator training requirements [revoked]
SECTION 380:50-15-5. Pressure-demand supplied-air respirators
SECTION 380:50-15-6. Body covering requirements
SECTION 380:50-15-7. Clean room requirements
SECTION 380:50-15-8. Decontamination procedures
SECTION 380:50-15-9. Worker activity prohibition
SECTION 380:50-15-10. Protective equipment for visitors [revoked]
SECTION 380:50-15-11. Foot and hand protection requirements [revoked]
SECTION 380:50-15-12. Decontamination facility preparation
SECTION 380:50-15-13. Emergency exits
SECTION 380:50-15-14. Fire extinguishers
SECTION 380:50-15-15. Clothing disposal [revoked]
SECTION 380:50-15-16. Smoking prohibition
Subchapter 17. Minimum Abatement Standards
SECTION 380:50-17-1. Contractor's scope of work
SECTION 380:50-17-2. Materials requirements for asbestos abatement
SECTION 380:50-17-3. Equipment requirements for asbestos abatement.
SECTION 380:50-17-4. Preparation of asbestos abatement work areas
SECTION 380:50-17-5. Asbestos removal procedures
SECTION 380:50-17-6. Asbestos encapsulation procedures
SECTION 380:50-17-7. Asbestos abatement enclosure procedures
SECTION 380:50-17-8. Asbestos abatement cleanup procedures
SECTION 380:50-17-9. Asbestos disposal procedures
SECTION 380:50-17-10. Re-establishment of the work area and systems
SECTION 380:50-17-11. Salvaged equipment and material
SECTION 380:50-17-12. Abatement activities in occupied areas
SECTION 380:50-17-13. Industrial applications of rules
SECTION 380:50-17-14. Demolition procedures
Subchapter 19. Variances
SECTION 380:50-19-1. Request for variance
SECTION 380:50-19-2. Basis for variance [revoked]
SECTION 380:50-19-3. Inability to use variance [revoked]
Subchapter 21. Non-Friable Asbestos-Containing Material Procedures [revoked]
SECTION 380:50-21-1. Non-regulated, non-friable asbestos procedures [revoked]
SECTION 380:50-21-2. Regulated, non-friable asbestos procedures [revoked]
Subchapter 23. Miscellaneous Friable Asbestos Material Abatement Procedures
SECTION 380:50-23-1. Vinyl-asbestos floor tile and sheet flooring abatement requirements
SECTION 380:50-23-2. Asbestos-containing duct tape abatement requirements
SECTION 380:50-23-3. Asbestos-containing ceiling tile abatement procedures
SECTION 380:50-23-4. Asbestos-containing ceiling texturing procedures
Subchapter 25. Contractor Work Fee
SECTION 380:50-25-1. Contractor fee
SECTION 380:50-25-2. Payment requirements
SECTION 380:50-25-3. Public entity exemption from fees
SECTION 380:50-25-4. Industrial exemption from fees
Subchapter 27. Industrial Exemptions
SECTION 380:50-27-1. Industrial Exemption
Subchapter 29. Implementation Date
SECTION 380:50-29-1. Implementation date
Appendix A. Vehicle Warning Signs


[Authority: 40 O.S., §§ 451 et seq.]
[Source: Codified 12-13-91]