Chapter 55. Amusement Ride Safety Rules  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 380:55-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 380:55-1-2. Definitions 2
SECTION 380:55-1-3. Penalties
Subchapter 3. Electrical Safety Requirements
SECTION 380:55-3-1. General requirement
SECTION 380:55-3-2. Generator grounding
SECTION 380:55-3-3. Grounding of devices
SECTION 380:55-3-4. Master switch
SECTION 380:55-3-5. Overcurrent protection (fuse or circuit breaker)
SECTION 380:55-3-6. Overhead power lines
SECTION 380:55-3-7. Portable power outlets and midway boxes
SECTION 380:55-3-8. Protection of employees
SECTION 380:55-3-9. Warning signs
Subchapter 5. Fees
SECTION 380:55-5-1. Three different fees
SECTION 380:55-5-2. No fee for surveillance
SECTION 380:55-5-3. Fees due within 30 days
SECTION 380:55-5-4. Overdue fee accounts
SECTION 380:55-5-5. Criteria for type determination
SECTION 380:55-5-6. Fees
Subchapter 7. Fatality or Injury Reporting/Investigation
SECTION 380:55-7-1. Reporting ride related fatalities or injuries
SECTION 380:55-7-2. Investigation of ride related fatalities or injuries
Subchapter 9. Inspection
SECTION 380:55-9-1. Scheduling inspections
SECTION 380:55-9-2. Inspection of amusement rides
SECTION 380:55-9-3. General requirements
Subchapter 11. Insurance
SECTION 380:55-11-1. Insurance coverage
SECTION 380:55-11-2. Inspectors
Subchapter 13. Miscellaneous
SECTION 380:55-13-1. Competent operator 1
SECTION 380:55-13-2. Sanitation and water quality of rides
SECTION 380:55-13-3. Briefing
SECTION 380:55-13-4. Fire protection
SECTION 380:55-13-5. Gasoline use/storage
SECTION 380:55-13-6. Guarding of machinery
SECTION 380:55-13-7. Inclement weather conditions
SECTION 380:55-13-8. Wood components
SECTION 380:55-13-9. Shut down
SECTION 380:55-13-10. Maintenance
SECTION 380:55-13-11. Operators [revoked]
SECTION 380:55-13-12. Bungee Jumping
Subchapter 14. Safety-Related Responsibilities
SECTION 380:55-14-1. Required signage - amusement ride owners
SECTION 380:55-14-2. Rider responsibility
Subchapter 15. Waiver Self-Inspections
SECTION 380:55-15-1. Applicability
SECTION 380:55-15-2. Waiver requirements
SECTION 380:55-15-3. Waiver self-inspection frequency [revoked]
SECTION 380:55-15-4. Required Department of Labor inspections
SECTION 380:55-15-5. Inspector qualifications
SECTION 380:55-15-6. Oklahoma law inspectors examination


Editor's Note: Effective 8-26-09, the law requiring the Department of Labor to promulgate rules necessary for certification of amusement ride operators [40 O.S., §471] was repealed and a new statute was enacted [40 O.S., §472], and any rules promulgated pursuant to 40 O.S., §471 were declared to be null and void [40 O.S., §473]. Prior to this legislation, the Department of Labor had promulgated amendments to OAC 380:55-1-2 and OAC 380:55-13-1 [see 26 Ok Reg 1681], pursuant to the earlier statute [40 O.S., §471]. However, because these amendments were not scheduled to become effective until 3-1-10 (after the 8-26-09 effective date of the legislation), the amendments to OAC 380:55-1-2 and OAC 380:55-13-1 were deemed null and void and did not become effective on 3-1-10 as scheduled. The 3-1-10 amendatory action, therefore, has not been cited in the source notes for these two sections in the Code.

[Authority: 40 O.S., §§ 460 et seq.]
[Source: Codified 12-31-91]