Chapter 65. Oklahoma Professional Boxing Rules [Transferred]  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-1-1. Purpose [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-1-2. Definitions [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-1-3. Custodian of public records [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-1-4. Fees for document search and copying [revoked]
SECTION 380:65-1-5. Licenses [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-1-6. Sanctioning permits [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-1-7. Tickets and fees [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-1-8. Administrative hearing and appeals [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-1-9. Procedures to comply with The Professional Boxing Safety Act of 1996 [Transferred]
Subchapter 3. Individuals Involved in Boxing [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-3-1. Promoters [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-3-2. Matchmakers [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-3-3. Boxing and kickboxing referees [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-3-4. Physicians for boxing and kickboxing [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-3-5. Timekeepers [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-3-6. Announcers [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-3-7. Cornermen [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-3-8. Judges for boxing and kickboxing [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-3-9. Participants [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-3-10. Inspectors [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-3-11. Managers [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-3-12. Matchmakers and promoters; liability for lack of judgment in arranging matches; contract restrictions [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-3-13. Prohibited activities [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-3-14. Disclosure requirements [Transferred]
Subchapter 5. Boxing Contests [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-5-1. Boxing weights and classes [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-5-2. Weighing in [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-5-3. Licensing requirements, participants [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-5-4. Ring; dimensions and construction [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-5-5. Gloves [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-5-6. Bandage specification [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-5-7. Mouthpieces [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-5-8. Participant use or administration of any substance [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-5-9. Ringside equipment [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-5-10. Boxing officials [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-5-11. Contact during contests [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-5-12. Stalling or faking [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-5-13. 1 Injuries and cuts [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-5-14. Knockouts [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-5-15. Participant outside of ring ropes [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-5-16. Scoring [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-5-17. Fouls [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-5-18. Penalties for fouling [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-5-19. Holding of purses [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-5-20. Physical examination [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-5-21. Identification; I.D. cards [revoked]
SECTION 380:65-5-22. Dress for participants [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-5-23. Failure to compete [revoked]
SECTION 380:65-5-23.1. Lapse Time [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-5-24. Procedure after knockouts or sustained damaging head blows [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-5-25. Drug testing [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-5-26. Ring construction; equipment; safety zone [superseded]
SECTION 380:65-5-27. Ringside physician [superseded]
SECTION 380:65-5-28. Female participants [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-5-29. Championship Bouts [Transferred]
Subchapter 7. Semi-Professional Elimination Contests [revoked]
SECTION 380:65-7-1. Semi-professional elimination contests [revoked]
Subchapter 9. Wrestling Contests [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-9-1. General provisions [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-9-2. Licensing requirements; provisions [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-9-3. Ring construction; equipment; safety zone [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-9-4. Ringside physician [Transferred]
Subchapter 11. Kickboxing Contests [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-11-1. General provisions [Transferred]
SECTION 380:65-11-2. Licensing requirements [Transferred]


Editor's Note: Effective 7-1-99, the rules in this Chapter became the rules of the newly-created Oklahoma Professional Boxing Commission, and continued in effect until the Oklahoma Professional Boxing Commission promulgated new rules at OAC 92, effective 6-26-00. [The name of the Oklahoma Professional Boxing Commission was later changed to the Oklahoma State Athletic Commission, effective 7-1-08.] For additional information about the transfer of rules and rulemaking authority, see 3A O.S.Supp.1999, §§ 603 and 604.2.

[Authority: 3A O.S., §§ 603 et seq.]
[Source: Codified 7-27-95]