Chapter 70. Elevator Safety Act  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 380:70-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 380:70-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 380:70-1-3. Fees
Subchapter 3. Administration
SECTION 380:70-3-1. Responsibilities
SECTION 380:70-3-2. Minimum construction standards for elevators, escalators, moving walkways, chairlifts or other conveyances; special construction
SECTION 380:70-3-3. Variances
SECTION 380:70-3-4. National standards, adoption and availability
SECTION 380:70-3-5. Inspection frequencies; variations
SECTION 380:70-3-6. Requests for night time inspections
SECTION 380:70-3-7. Assignment and application of state identification numbers
SECTION 380:70-3-8. Certificates of Operation
SECTION 380:70-3-9. Temporary Certificates of Operation
SECTION 380:70-3-10. Noncomplying conveyances
SECTION 380:70-3-11. Appeals and/or hearings
SECTION 380:70-3-12. Operation of unsafe conveyance
SECTION 380:70-3-13. Operation without Certificate; operation not in accordance with Act or Rules; operation after refusal to issue or after revocation of Certificate
SECTION 380:70-3-14. Interfering with Inspector
SECTION 380:70-3-15. Penalties
Subchapter 5. Licenses
SECTION 380:70-5-1. Elevator Contractor's License: Issuance, denial and renewal
SECTION 380:70-5-2. Elevator Mechanic's License: Issuance, denial, and renewal
SECTION 380:70-5-3. Elevator Inspector's License: Issuance, denial, and renewal
SECTION 380:70-5-4. Elevator Apprentice Registration
SECTION 380:70-5-5. License not required
SECTION 380:70-5-6. Conflicts of interest
SECTION 380:70-5-7. Continuing education
SECTION 380:70-5-8. Suspension/revocation of license, registration, or certification
SECTION 380:70-5-9. Replacement licenses, certificates, registrations
Subchapter 7. Existing Installations
SECTION 380:70-7-1. Existing installation, definition
SECTION 380:70-7-2. Minimum standards for existing installations
SECTION 380:70-7-3. Conditions not covered
Subchapter 9. New Installations
SECTION 380:70-9-1. New installation requirements; conflicts
SECTION 380:70-9-2. Installation permits
SECTION 380:70-9-3. Pre-Inspection Checklist for new elevator installations
SECTION 380:70-9-4. Conditions not covered
Subchapter 11. General Requirements
SECTION 380:70-11-1. Report of inspection
SECTION 380:70-11-2. Report of occurrence
SECTION 380:70-11-3. Preparation for inspection
SECTION 380:70-11-4. Temporarily dormant elevator/conveyance
SECTION 380:70-11-5. Insurance requirements
SECTION 380:70-11-6. Cities and municipalities: Concurrent inspection and licensing programs
SECTION 380:70-11-7. Inspection of exempted conveyances
SECTION 380:70-11-8. Major repairs and alterations: Permits
SECTION 380:70-11-9. Remodeled conveyances
SECTION 380:70-11-10. Periodic testing
SECTION 380:70-11-11. Emergency keys
SECTION 380:70-11-12. Welding
SECTION 380:70-11-13. Maintenance, repair, and replacement
SECTION 380:70-11-14. Conditions not covered
Appendix A. Periodic Testing Tables


Editor's Note: Effective 11-1-06, statutes authorizing the Construction Industries Board to promulgate "Elevator Injury Reporting" rules in OAC 158:20 were repealed and a new Elevator Safety Act was enacted, which effectively transferred the Construction Industries Board's rulemaking authority to the Department of Labor [see Laws 2006, c. 206 and 59 O.S., §§ 3020 et seq.]. After issuing emergency rules on 11-1-06, the Department of Labor later superseded the emergency rules with permanent rules in this new Chapter 70 on 6-25-07. For text of the emergency rules that became effective on 11-1-06, see 24 Ok Reg 29. For rules of the Construction Industries Board effective prior to 11-1-06, see OAC 158:20 in the 2006 Edition of the OAC.

[Authority: 59 O.S., §§ 3021 et seq.]
[Source: Codified 6-25-07]