Chapter 20. Sale and Operation of Hard Rock Mining and Other Mineral leases  

SECTION 385:20-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 385:20-1-2. Mailing list for notice of lease sale
SECTION 385:20-1-3. Prospecting permits
SECTION 385:20-1-4. Lease contract required for removal of minerals in commercial quantities
SECTION 385:20-1-5. Assignments of prospecting permits
SECTION 385:20-1-6. Report of valuable mineral discovery [revoked]
SECTION 385:20-1-7. Land subject to other lawful uses
SECTION 385:20-1-8. Liability for damages
SECTION 385:20-1-9. Inspection of lands
SECTION 385:20-1-10. Termination of prospecting permits upon issuance of lease
SECTION 385:20-1-11. Fines
SECTION 385:20-1-12. Prospecting permit bonds
SECTION 385:20-1-13. Request to offer land for lease; advertising deposit and requirements
SECTION 385:20-1-14. Bidding process
SECTION 385:20-1-15. Issuance of hard rock or other mineral lease
SECTION 385:20-1-16. Lease cancellation
SECTION 385:20-1-17. Lease release
SECTION 385:20-1-18. Commission records
SECTION 385:20-1-19. Performance bond; release [revoked]
SECTION 385:20-1-20. Assignments of leases
SECTION 385:20-1-21. Monthly reports
SECTION 385:20-1-22. Special reports


[Authority: 64 O.S., §§ 1001 through 1002, 1012, 1055 through 1057, and 1090 through 1095]
[Source: Codified 12-2-91]