Chapter 25. Surface Leasing for Agricultural and Commercial Purposes  

SECTION 385:25-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 385:25-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 385:25-1-3. Surface lease policy
SECTION 385:25-1-4. Leases in writing
SECTION 385:25-1-5. Awarding or renewal of surface lease
SECTION 385:25-1-6. Oral leases not recognized [revoked]
SECTION 385:25-1-7. Term of surface lease
SECTION 385:25-1-8. Special conservation leases
SECTION 385:25-1-9. Transfer of title upon death of lessee
SECTION 385:25-1-10. Canceled or forfeited lease
SECTION 385:25-1-11. Nonresident lease for agricultural or grazing purposes [revoked]
SECTION 385:25-1-11.1. Right to sell
SECTION 385:25-1-12. Reservations in surface lease; easements
SECTION 385:25-1-13. Improvements on agricultural and short term commercial leases
SECTION 385:25-1-14. Soil conservation and protection from waste
SECTION 385:25-1-15. Maintenance of farm program
SECTION 385:25-1-16. Specifications of agricultural use of land
SECTION 385:25-1-17. Removal of improvements
SECTION 385:25-1-18. Lease violations
SECTION 385:25-1-19. Corporate agricultural tenants
SECTION 385:25-1-20. Holdover tenants
SECTION 385:25-1-21. Appraisals of surface leases
SECTION 385:25-1-22. Awarding of leases
SECTION 385:25-1-23. Procedure for public bidding
SECTION 385:25-1-24. Execution of lease
SECTION 385:25-1-25. Right to harvest
SECTION 385:25-1-26. Purchase of homesite [revoked]
SECTION 385:25-1-27. Annual inventory of improvements [revoked]
SECTION 385:25-1-28. Assignment of lease as security [revoked]
SECTION 385:25-1-29. Foreclosure on lease used as security on unpaid loan [revoked]
SECTION 385:25-1-30. Assignment of lease
SECTION 385:25-1-31. Subleasing
SECTION 385:25-1-32. Term of commercial leases
SECTION 385:25-1-33. Procedure for appraisal of commercial leases
SECTION 385:25-1-34. Procedure for bidding for commercial leases
SECTION 385:25-1-35. Taxes
SECTION 385:25-1-36. Improvements
SECTION 385:25-1-37. Development projects for commercial leases
SECTION 385:25-1-38. Dedication of easements for utilities
SECTION 385:25-1-39. Commercial lease rental [revoked]
SECTION 385:25-1-40. Contract violations; default [revoked]
SECTION 385:25-1-41. Procedure for Exchanging Land
SECTION 385:25-1-42. Irrigation permits
SECTION 385:25-1-43. Right of Entry permits; Treasure Trove
SECTION 385:25-1-44. Real Estate Broker Commissions


[Authority: 64 O.S., §§ 260, 1001 through 1002, 1004, 1018 through 1019, 1023, 1043, 1050 through 1052, 1056 through 1062, and 1093]
[Source: Codified 12-2-91]