Chapter 10. Licensure and Certification of Alcohol and Drug Counselors

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 38:10-1-1. Applicability
SECTION 38:10-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 38:10-1-3. Compliance with laws and rules
SECTION 38:10-1-4. Organization
SECTION 38:10-1-5. Public records
SECTION 38:10-1-6. Requests for agency public information
SECTION 38:10-1-7. Forms
SECTION 38:10-1-8. Procedures to secure a declaratory ruling as to the applicability of any rule or order of the Board
SECTION 38:10-1-9. Procedures to petition the Board to request the promulgation, amendment or repeal of a rule
Subchapter 3. Rules of Professional Conduct
SECTION 38:10-3-1. Purpose
SECTION 38:10-3-2. Code of ethics
SECTION 38:10-3-3. Client welfare
SECTION 38:10-3-4. Professional standards
SECTION 38:10-3-5. Relations with the public and other professions
SECTION 38:10-3-6. Failure to comply
SECTION 38:10-3-7. Counselor Assistance Program
Subchapter 5. Fitness of Applicants
SECTION 38:10-5-1. Purpose
SECTION 38:10-5-2. Fitness for licensure or certification
SECTION 38:10-5-3. Materials considered in determining fitness
Subchapter 7. Application
SECTION 38:10-7-1. Purpose
SECTION 38:10-7-2. Requirements for licensure or certification
SECTION 38:10-7-3. Private or independent practice
SECTION 38:10-7-4. Title of licensed or certified alcohol and drug counselors [Expired]
SECTION 38:10-7-5. Issuance of License, Certification, or LADC/MH.
SECTION 38:10-7-6. Application
SECTION 38:10-7-7. Examinations
SECTION 38:10-7-8. Renewal of license or certification
SECTION 38:10-7-9. Reciprocity
SECTION 38:10-7-10. Co-occurring Disorders Credential Rules
Subchapter 9. Supervision
SECTION 38:10-9-1. Purpose
SECTION 38:10-9-2. Supervised work experience requirement
SECTION 38:10-9-3. Supervision and private or independent practice [Expired]
SECTION 38:10-9-4. Supervisee Responsibilities
SECTION 38:10-9-5. Supervisor Requirements
Subchapter 11. Fees
SECTION 38:10-11-1. Schedule of fees
SECTION 38:10-11-2. Methods of Payment
SECTION 38:10-11-3. Review of fees
Subchapter 13. Continuing Education Requirements
SECTION 38:10-13-1. Purpose
SECTION 38:10-13-2. Continuing education standards
SECTION 38:10-13-3. Documentation of attendance
SECTION 38:10-13-4. Audit of continuing education submissions
SECTION 38:10-13-5. Failure to complete continuing education or submit verification
SECTION 38:10-13-6. Fraudulent continuing education submissions
SECTION 38:10-13-7. Providers of Continuing Education
Appendix A. Licensed/Certified Counselor Code of Ethics


[Authority: 59 O. S. § 1875]
[Source: Codified 6-25-16]