Chapter 35. Regulation of Private Security Industry  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 390:35-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 390:35-1-2. Statutory authority
SECTION 390:35-1-3. Definitions
SECTION 390:35-1-4. Compliance with laws and rules
Subchapter 3. [Reserved]
Subchapter 5. License Requirements
SECTION 390:35-5-1. Agency license requirements
SECTION 390:35-5-2. Security guard, armed security guard, and private investigator licenses
SECTION 390:35-5-2.1. Renewals and continuing education
SECTION 390:35-5-3. Conditional licenses
SECTION 390:35-5-4. Special Event Licenses
SECTION 390:35-5-5. Peace officer exemptions and non-exemptions
SECTION 390:35-5-6. Licensure of self-employed guards with no training and no experience
SECTION 390:35-5-7. Licensure of private investigator applicants with no training or experience
SECTION 390:35-5-8. Licensure of private investigators to carry a firearm
SECTION 390:35-5-9. Individual identification cards
SECTION 390:35-5-10. Lost or damaged licenses or identification cards
SECTION 390:35-5-11. Temporary licenses; out-of-state practitioners
SECTION 390:35-5-12. Use of certain emblems and statements
SECTION 390:35-5-13. Notification of change of name or address or telephone number
SECTION 390:35-5-14. Reinstatement and late fees [revoked]
Subchapter 7. Application Procedure
SECTION 390:35-7-1. Requests for applications
SECTION 390:35-7-2. Application process; sworn affidavit; penalty
SECTION 390:35-7-3. Accuracy and completeness of application
SECTION 390:35-7-4. Background investigation of applicants
SECTION 390:35-7-5. License fees
SECTION 390:35-7-6. Conditional license fees
SECTION 390:35-7-7. Upgrading from an unarmedsecurity guard license to an armed security guard license
SECTION 390:35-7-8. Individual private security applicant requirements
Subchapter 9. Violations and Investigations
SECTION 390:35-9-1. Classifications of actions against licensees
SECTION 390:35-9-2. Complaint procedure
SECTION 390:35-9-3. Failure to obtain license
SECTION 390:35-9-4. Notification of legal proceedings against licensee
SECTION 390:35-9-5. Grounds for actions against licenses
SECTION 390:35-9-6. Disciplinary penalties and/or fines
SECTION 390:35-9-7. Reinstatement of License
Subchapter 11. Insurance and Bond Requirements
SECTION 390:35-11-1. Insurance and bond requirements [revoked]
SECTION 390:35-11-2. Notification of employment and termination of employment
SECTION 390:35-11-3. Liability coverage
Subchapter 13. Use of Firearms
SECTION 390:35-13-1. Authorized firearms
SECTION 390:35-13-2. Reporting the discharge of firearms
Subchapter 15. Training Requirements
SECTION 390:35-15-1. Private security school accreditation
SECTION 390:35-15-2. Schools, school coordinators, and instructors
SECTION 390:35-15-3. Revocation or suspension of private security school accreditation
SECTION 390:35-15-4. Appeals of suspension or revocation of approved school status
SECTION 390:35-15-5. Firearms training
SECTION 390:35-15-6. Psychological evaluations
SECTION 390:35-15-7. Attendance and administrative requirements
SECTION 390:35-15-8. Additional violations
SECTION 390:35-15-9. Additional testing and evaluation
Appendix A. Disqualifying Convictions
Appendix B. Pump Shotgun Illustration
Appendix C. Disciplinary Penalty and Fine Schedule [revoked]
Appendix D. Disciplinary Penalty and Fine Schedule


[Authority: 59 O.S., §§ 1350.1 et seq. and 1750.1 through 1750.14; 70 O.S., § 3311 et seq.]
[Source: Codified 12-31-91]