Chapter 50. Ignition Interlock Devices  

SECTION 40:50-1-1. Explanation of terms and actions [revoked]
SECTION 40:50-1-1.1. Definitions
SECTION 40:50-1-2. Device certification process
SECTION 40:50-1-2.1. Approval and denial
SECTION 40:50-1-2.2. Annual recertification
SECTION 40:50-1-2.3. Revocation of certification
SECTION 40:50-1-2.4. Modification of a certified device
SECTION 40:50-1-3. Standards and specifications
SECTION 40:50-1-3.1. Violation reset
SECTION 40:50-1-3.2. Reporting requirements
SECTION 40:50-1-4. Miscellaneous requirements [revoked]
SECTION 40:50-1-4.1. Installation requirements
SECTION 40:50-1-5. Maintenance and calibration
SECTION 40:50-1-6. Approval, denial, and withdrawal of approval [revoked]
SECTION 40:50-1-6.1. Removal requirements
SECTION 40:50-1-7. Service center licensing process
SECTION 40:50-1-7.1. Approval and denial
SECTION 40:50-1-7.2. Annual renewal
SECTION 40:50-1-7.3. Inactivation, suspension, and revocation
SECTION 40:50-1-8. Ignition interlock technician
SECTION 40:50-1-8.1. Approval and denial
SECTION 40:50-1-8.2. Annual renewal
SECTION 40:50-1-8.3. Inactivation, suspension, and revocation
SECTION 40:50-1-9. Ignition interlock inspector [revoked]
SECTION 40:50-1-10. Appeal process
SECTION 40:50-1-11. Approved ignition interlock devices [revoked]
SECTION 40:50-1-12. Reciprocity


Editor's Note: The Board of Tests for Alcohol and Drug Influence promulgated new permanent rules in this Chapter (40:50-1-1 through 40:50-1-9) in the 7-1-04 issue of the Register, with a scheduled effective date of 7-11-04 [see 21 Ok Reg 2657]. However, the agency had previously withdrawn the proposed rules from legislative review on 5-13-04 [see Notice of Withdrawn Rules published at 21 Ok Reg 1957]. BECAUSE THE PROPOSED RULES WERE WITHDRAWN BY THE AGENCY PRIOR TO THE END OF THE LEGISLATURE'S 30-LEGISLATIVE-DAY REVIEW PERIOD, THE RULES SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN FILED BY THE AGENCY FOR PROMULGATION IN THE REGISTER. Upon discovery of this inconsistency, an Editor's Notice was published in the 8-16-04 issue of the Register [see 21 Ok Reg 3123]. The agency later promulgated new emergency rules at 40:50-1-1 through 40:50-1-9, effective 10-27-04 [see 22 Ok Reg 221], and superseded the emergency rules with permanent rules on 6-25-05 [see 22 Ok Reg 1714].

Editor's Note: On 11-1-06, the Board of Tests for Alcohol and Drug Influence issued emergency amendments to the following Sections in this Chapter:40:50-1-1 through 40:50-1-5; 40:50-1-7 through 40:50-1-9; 40:50-1-11. Pursuant to 75 O.S., Section 253, the 11-1-06 emergency amendments were scheduled to expire on 7-15-07, if not already superseded by a permanent action or by another emergency action(s) that retained the same 7-15-07 expiration date. If the emergency action expired, the text of the Sections would then revert back to the permanent text that was effective prior to the 11-1-06 emergency action. As of 7-15-07, the Board had not supserseded the 11-1-06 emergency amendments with a permanent action or with another emergency action that retained the 7-15-07 expiration date. However, on 6-4-07, the Board did issue another emergency action amending these same Sections, but cited a later expiration date of 7-15-08.Because these Sections were not amended or revoked by permanent action in 2007, the texts of the Sections were not reprinted in the 2007 OAC Supplement. However, the numbers and taglines of the Sections were published, as well as annotations citing to the publication of the two emergency actions in the Oklahoma Register and the publication of the last effective permanent text of the Sections in the 2006 Edition of the OAC. The Sections were later amended by permanent action in 2008.

[Authority: 47 O.S., § 759]
[Source: Codified 6-25-05]