Chapter 10. Small Business Linked Deposit Program [terminated]

Subchapter 1. General Provisions [terminated]
SECTION 415:10-1-1. Purpose [terminated]
SECTION 415:10-1-2. Definitions [terminated]
SECTION 415:10-1-3. Severability [revoked]
Subchapter 3. Eligibility [revoked]
SECTION 415:10-3-1. Maximum loan amounts [revoked]
SECTION 415:10-3-2. Certification of job savings and/or job creation [revoked]
SECTION 415:10-3-3. Number of linked deposit loans [revoked]
SECTION 415:10-3-4. Business ownership [revoked]
SECTION 415:10-3-5. Certification of application [revoked]
SECTION 415:10-3-6. Employees of lending institutions [revoked]
SECTION 415:10-3-7. Employees of State Treasurer's office [revoked]
SECTION 415:10-3-8. Economic needs of an area [revoked]
SECTION 415:10-3-9. Acceptable dollar amount per job saved/created [revoked]
SECTION 415:10-3-10. Acceptable amount of refinancing [revoked]
Subchapter 4. Eligibility, Board Action, and Interest Rates [terminated]
SECTION 415:10-4-1. Purpose and scope [terminated]
SECTION 415:10-4-2. Board approval or rejection [terminated]
SECTION 415:10-4-3. Dollar amount per job saved or created [terminated]
SECTION 415:10-4-4. Loan proceeds for refinancing [terminated]
SECTION 415:10-4-5. Interest rates on loans [terminated]
SECTION 415:10-4-6. Extension time allowed for funding [terminated]
Subchapter 5. Processing Procedures [revoked]
SECTION 415:10-5-1. Lending institutions certification of application [revoked]
SECTION 415:10-5-2. Applications forwarded to the Board [revoked]
SECTION 415:10-5-3. Reduction of interest rate [revoked]
SECTION 415:10-5-4. Availability of funds [revoked]
Subchapter 6. Renewal and Readmittance Applications [terminated]
SECTION 415:10-6-1. Renewal and readmittance applications [terminated]
SECTION 415:10-6-2. Board action [terminated]
SECTION 415:10-6-3. Substantial change in nature of business [terminated]
SECTION 415:10-6-4. Maximum length of participation [terminated]
Subchapter 7. Location for Information for Filing [revoked]
SECTION 415:10-7-1. Location for information [revoked]
SECTION 415:10-7-2. Public inspection of documents [revoked]
Subchapter 9. Appeal of Decisions of the Board [revoked]
SECTION 415:10-9-1. Appeal petition [revoked]
SECTION 415:10-9-2. Conduct of Petition hearing [revoked]
SECTION 415:10-9-3. Exceptions to the hearing decision [revoked]
SECTION 415:10-9-4. Rehearing [revoked]


Editor's Note: See Editor's Note at beginning of this Title.

[Authority: 62 O.S. Supp. 1988, §§ 88.1 through 88.12; 62 O.S. Supp. 1989, §§ 88.2 through 88.6; 62 O.S. Supp. 1990, §§ 88.3 through 88.6]
[Source: Codified 8-3-92]