Chapter 10. Physicians and Surgeons  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 435:10-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 435:10-1-2. Interpretation of rules and regulations [revoked]
SECTION 435:10-1-3. Limited liability company
SECTION 435:10-1-4. Definitions
Subchapter 3. Licensure of Physicians and Surgeons [revoked]
SECTION 435:10-3-1. General licensing requirements [revoked]
SECTION 435:10-3-2. Graduates of American medical schools [revoked]
SECTION 435:10-3-3. Graduates of foreign medical schools [revoked]
SECTION 435:10-3-4. Licensure by endorsement [revoked]
SECTION 435:10-3-5. Licensure by examination [revoked]
SECTION 435:10-3-6. Premedical education, medical education and clinical competency [revoked]
Subchapter 4. Application and Examination Procedures for Licensure as Physician and Surgeon
SECTION 435:10-4-1. General licensure provisions
SECTION 435:10-4-2. Board jurisdiction
SECTION 435:10-4-3. Application forms
SECTION 435:10-4-4. Application procedure
SECTION 435:10-4-5. Additional requirements for foreign applicants
SECTION 435:10-4-6. Medical licensure examination
SECTION 435:10-4-7. Licensure by endorsement
SECTION 435:10-4-8. Endorsement of certified applicants
SECTION 435:10-4-9. Board review of applications
SECTION 435:10-4-10. Personal appearance by an applicant
SECTION 435:10-4-11. Written agreement
Subchapter 5. Approval of Hospitals and Programs for Post-Graduate Training
SECTION 435:10-5-1. Determination of hospitals and programs approved for post-graduate training
SECTION 435:10-5-2. Suspension from hospitals and programs approved
Subchapter 7. Regulation of Physician and Surgeon Practice
SECTION 435:10-7-1. Physicians dispensing dangerous drugs
SECTION 435:10-7-2. Use of Board certification
SECTION 435:10-7-3. Administrative citation for violation [revoked]
SECTION 435:10-7-4. Unprofessional conduct
SECTION 435:10-7-5. Determining continued competency of a physician and surgeon
SECTION 435:10-7-6. Retired physicians and surgeons
SECTION 435:10-7-7. Relocation of residence or practice
SECTION 435:10-7-8. Communicable diseases
SECTION 435:10-7-9. Disposal of human tissue
SECTION 435:10-7-10. Annual reregistration
SECTION 435:10-7-11. Use of controlled substances for the management of chronic pain
SECTION 435:10-7-12. Establishing a physician/patient relationship; exceptions
SECTION 435:10-7-13. Telemedicine
Subchapter 9. Practice as a Supervised Medical Doctor [revoked]
SECTION 435:10-9-1. Application for SMD certification [revoked]
SECTION 435:10-9-2. Evaluation of application for SMD certification [revoked]
SECTION 435:10-9-3. Certificates issued [revoked]
SECTION 435:10-9-4. Practice under supervision; Supervisor's Agreement [revoked]
SECTION 435:10-9-5. Identification [revoked]
SECTION 435:10-9-6. Board jurisdiction [revoked]
SECTION 435:10-9-7. SMD responsibility to obtain full licensure [revoked]
SECTION 435:10-9-8. Replacement of supervising physician [revoked]
Subchapter 11. Temporary and Special Licensure
SECTION 435:10-11-1. Purpose
SECTION 435:10-11-2. Procedure for temporary licensure
SECTION 435:10-11-3. Procedure for special licensure
SECTION 435:10-11-3.1. Special license for post-graduate training
SECTION 435:10-11-4. Fees
SECTION 435:10-11-5. Practice within scope of license
SECTION 435:10-11-6. Change of supervisory medical doctor
Subchapter 13. Supervision of Advanced Practice Nurse With Prescriptive Authority
SECTION 435:10-13-1. Purpose
SECTION 435:10-13-2. Eligibility to supervise advanced practice nurse with prescriptive authority
Subchapter 15. Continuing Medical Education
SECTION 435:10-15-1. Continuing medical education
Subchapter 17. Medical Micropigmentation
SECTION 435:10-17-1. Purpose
SECTION 435:10-17-2. Definitions
SECTION 435:10-17-3. Duties and responsibilities
Subchapter 19. Special Volunteer Medical License
SECTION 435:10-19-1. Purpose
SECTION 435:10-19-2. Procedure for volunteer license
SECTION 435:10-19-3. Annual renewal
Subchapter 21. Abortions
SECTION 435:10-21-1. Informed consent


[Authority: 59 O.S., § 489]
[Source: Codified 12-30-91]