Chapter 15. Physician Assistants  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 435:15-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 435:15-1-1.1. Definitions
SECTION 435:15-1-2. License required
Subchapter 3. Licensure of Physician Assistants
SECTION 435:15-3-1. Qualification; application
SECTION 435:15-3-2. Qualifications; examination; character [revoked]
SECTION 435:15-3-3. Approval to supervise more than two PA's [AMENDED AND RENUMBERED TO 435:15-3-15] [Amended and Renumbered]
SECTION 435:15-3-4. Application for second Physician's Assistant [revoked]
SECTION 435:15-3-5. Transfer of certificate; temporary certification; display of certificate [revoked]
SECTION 435:15-3-6. Registry of qualifications [revoked]
SECTION 435:15-3-7. Re-certification [revoked]
SECTION 435:15-3-8. Back-up or alternate supervising physician [revoked]
SECTION 435:15-3-9. Temporarily delegated supervision [revoked]
SECTION 435:15-3-10. Continuing education for renewal [AMENDED AND RENUMBERED TO 435:15-3-17] [Amended and Renumbered]
SECTION 435:15-3-11. Certificate renewal period; reinstatement [AMENDED AND RENUMBERED TO 435:15-3-18] [Amended and Renumbered]
SECTION 435:15-3-12. Review; Temporary authorization to practice
SECTION 435:15-3-13. Supervising physician; alternatives
SECTION 435:15-3-14. Temporary approval of an application to practice by a Licensed Physician Assistant [revoked]
SECTION 435:15-3-15. Approval to supervise more than two PA's [revoked]
SECTION 435:15-3-16. Alternate supervising physician [revoked]
SECTION 435:15-3-17. Continuing education for renewal
SECTION 435:15-3-18. License renewal period; reinstatement [revoked]
SECTION 435:15-3-19. Locum tenens
Subchapter 5. Regulation of Practice
SECTION 435:15-5-1. Supervision; physician responsibility; independent care prohibited [revoked]
SECTION 435:15-5-1.1. Health care services performed and prohibited [revoked]
SECTION 435:15-5-2. Patient care setting [revoked]
SECTION 435:15-5-3. Assignment of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures [revoked]
SECTION 435:15-5-4. Academic positions [revoked]
SECTION 435:15-5-5. Approval of educational and/or experimental programs
SECTION 435:15-5-6. Restriction on eye care [revoked]
SECTION 435:15-5-7. Display of identification.
SECTION 435:15-5-8. Demonstrate ability to perform [revoked]
SECTION 435:15-5-9. Fees for evaluation of qualifications and performance [revoked]
SECTION 435:15-5-10. Prescriptions
SECTION 435:15-5-11. Discipline
SECTION 435:15-5-12. Pre-signed prescriptions [revoked]
SECTION 435:15-5-13. Certification of training and notification to liability carrier [revoked]
Subchapter 7. Advisory Committee [revoked]
SECTION 435:15-7-1. Physician Assistant Advisory Committee [revoked]
Subchapter 9. Guidelines for the Utilization of Physician Assistants [revoked]
SECTION 435:15-9-1. General responsibilities and obligations [revoked]
SECTION 435:15-9-2. Supervision [revoked]
SECTION 435:15-9-3. New patients [revoked]
SECTION 435:15-9-4. Setting [revoked]
SECTION 435:15-9-5. Understanding and variance from guidelines [revoked]
Subchapter 11. Prescriptive and Dispensing Authority
SECTION 435:15-11-1. Prescriptive and dispensing authority
SECTION 435:15-11-2. Drug formulary
Subchapter 13. Prescription Transmittal Guidelines [revoked]
SECTION 435:15-13-1. General policies for transmittal of prescriptions [revoked]
SECTION 435:15-13-2. Medications [revoked]
SECTION 435:15-13-3. Information required on written prescriptions [revoked]
Appendix A. Physician Assistant Protocol [revoked]


[Authority: 59 O.S., § 519.3 (D)]
[Source: Codified 12-30-91]