Chapter 13. Standards and Criteria for Community Mental Health Services [revoked]  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-1-1. Purpose [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-1-2. Definitions [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-1-3. Annual review of Standards & Criteria [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-1-4. New standards [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-1-5. Applicability [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-1-6. Program certification [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-1-7. Appeals [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-1-8. Reapplication following denial, suspension or revocation of certification [revoked]
Subchapter 3. Financial Management [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-3-1. Accounting policies and procedures [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-3-2. Financial reporting system [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-3-3. Assets [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-3-4. Cash receipts [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-3-5. Client fees [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-3-6. Cash disbursements [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-3-7. Petty cash [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-3-8. Payroll and travel [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-3-9. Related party transactions [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-3-10. Audit requirement [revoked]
Subchapter 5. Governing Body [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-5-1. Documents of authority [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-5-2. Board composition [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-5-3. Board duties [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-5-4. Board meeting minutes [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-5-5. Chief Executive Officers of community mental health centers [revoked]
Subchapter 7. Program Management and Written Plan for Professional Services [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-7-1. Program planning [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-7-2. Program evaluation [revoked]
Subchapter 9. Quality Assurance [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-9-1. Quality assurance [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-9-2. Written plan [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-9-3. Quality assurance activities [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-9-4. Monitoring and evaluation process [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-9-5. Incident reporting [revoked]
Subchapter 11. Utilization Review [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-11-1. Utilization review [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-11-2. Written plan [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-11-3. Methods for identifying problems [revoked]
Subchapter 13. Personnel [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-13-1. Personnel policies and procedures [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-13-2. Job descriptions [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-13-3. Personnel records [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-13-4. Utilization of volunteers [revoked]
Subchapter 15. Staff Development and Training [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-15-1. Staff qualifications [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-15-2. Staff development [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-15-3. Inservice [revoked]
Subchapter 17. Clients' Rights/Confidentiality [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-17-1. Client rights [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-17-2. Confidentiality [revoked]
Subchapter 19. Clinical Records [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-19-1. Case record keeping [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-19-2. Clinical record content [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-19-3. Intake and assessment [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-19-4. Health and drug history [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-19-5. Psycho-Social Evaluation [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-19-6. Treatment plan [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-19-7. Progress notes [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-19-8. Medications [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-19-9. Discharge information [revoked]
Subchapter 21. Facility Environment [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-21-1. Facility environment [revoked]
Subchapter 23. Community Mental Health Treatment Services [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-23-1. General services [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-23-2. Availability of services [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-23-3. Screening/intake and assessment services [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-23-4. Referral services [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-23-5. Emergency services [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-23-6. Outpatient counseling services [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-23-7. Case management services [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-23-8. Services to homeless individuals [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-23-9. Therapeutic day programs [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-23-10. Medication clinic [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-23-11. Pharmaceutical services [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-23-12. Rehabilitation services [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-23-13. Intensive crisis stabilization programs [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-23-14. Community living programs [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-23-15. Residential treatment [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-23-16. Transitional living programs [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-23-17. Supervised apartment/housing program [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-23-18. Sponsored apartment/housing programs [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-23-19. Community lodge programs [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-23-20. Sponsor family program [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-23-21. Psychiatric treatment programs/units in general hospitals [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-23-22. Inpatient services within the community mental health setting [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-23-23. Dietetic services [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-23-24. Community consultation and education services [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-23-25. Admissions to state operated psychiatric hospitals [revoked]
Subchapter 25. Special Populations [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-25-1. Service priority/accessibility [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-25-2. Deaf/hearing impaired [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-25-3. Special services to children and adolescents [revoked]
SECTION 450:13-25-4. Human Immunodeficient Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) [revoked]


[Authority: 43A O.S., §§ 2-101 and 3-306]
[Source: Codified 7-15-92]