Chapter 19. Standards and Criteria for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Programs [Transferred]  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions [Transferred]
SECTION 450:19-1-1. Purpose [Transferred]
SECTION 450:19-1-2. Definitions [Transferred]
SECTION 450:19-1-3. Meaning of verbs in rules [Transferred]
SECTION 450:19-1-4. Annual review of standards and criteria [Transferred]
SECTION 450:19-1-5. New standards and criteria [revoked]
SECTION 450:19-1-6. Service programs [Transferred]
Subchapter 3. Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Programs [Transferred]
Subchapter 5. Client Records and Confidentiality [Transferred]
SECTION 450:19-5-1. Purpose [Transferred]
SECTION 450:19-5-2. Client records [Transferred]
SECTION 450:19-5-3. Record content - general [Transferred]
SECTION 450:19-5-3.1. Record content - service specific [Transferred]
SECTION 450:19-5-4. Client confidentiality [Transferred]
SECTION 450:19-5-5. Physical safety and integrity of client records [Transferred]
SECTION 450:19-5-6. Client record, handling, retention, and disposal [Transferred]
SECTION 450:19-5-7. Disclosure of client information [revoked]
SECTION 450:19-5-8. Consent for disclosure of client information [revoked]
SECTION 450:19-5-9. Conditions for disclosure of client information [revoked]
SECTION 450:19-5-10. Confidentiality of mental health and drug or alcohol abuse treatment information [Transferred]
Subchapter 7. DV/SA Shelter program Physical Environments [Transferred]
SECTION 450:19-7-1. Physical plant, primary role [Transferred]
SECTION 450:19-7-2. Fire and safety codes and inspections [Transferred]
SECTION 450:19-7-3. Fire fighting and first aid equipment [Transferred]
SECTION 450:19-7-4. Disaster procedures [Transferred]
SECTION 450:19-7-5. Persons with special needs [Transferred]
SECTION 450:19-7-6. Program environment, all DV/SA service programs [Transferred]
SECTION 450:19-7-7. Program environment, shelter services programs [Transferred]
Subchapter 9. Program Management and Performance Improvement [Transferred]
SECTION 450:19-9-1. Admission criteria [Transferred]
SECTION 450:19-9-2. Program management, policy and procedures [Transferred]
SECTION 450:19-9-3. Job qualifications [revoked]
SECTION 450:19-9-4. Staff orientation [revoked]
SECTION 450:19-9-5. Client confidentiality [revoked]
SECTION 450:19-9-6. Utilization of volunteers [revoked]
SECTION 450:19-9-7. Program mission and goals [Transferred]
SECTION 450:19-9-8. Annual program evaluation [Transferred]
SECTION 450:19-9-9. Critical incidents [Transferred]
SECTION 450:19-9-10. Performance improvement plan [Transferred]
SECTION 450:19-9-11. Employee and volunteer supervision [revoked]
Subchapter 11. Client Rights [Transferred]
SECTION 450:19-11-1. Client rights, shelter and residential services [Transferred]
SECTION 450:19-11-2. Client rights, non-shelter residential services [Transferred]
SECTION 450:19-11-3. Client's grievance policy [Transferred]
Subchapter 13. Personnel And Volunteers [Transferred]
Part 1. GENERAL [Transferred]
Part 3. TRAINING [Transferred]
Subchapter 15. Governing Authority [Transferred]
SECTION 450:19-15-1. Governing authority [Transferred]
SECTION 450:19-15-2. Governing authority, documentation of source of authority [Transferred]
SECTION 450:19-15-3. Duties of the governing authority [Transferred]
SECTION 450:19-15-4. Governing authority, meeting minutes [Transferred]


Editor's Note: Effective 7-1-05, the rules in this Chapter were transferred to the Office of the Attorney General [OAC 75:15]. Pursuant to Senate Bill 236 (2005), "rules promulgated by the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services relating to domestic violence and sexual assualt programs [were] transferred to and [became] a part of the administrative rules of the Office of the Attorney General. . . . Such rules shall continue in force and effect as rules of the Office of the Attorney General from and after July 1, 2005, and any amendment, repeal, or addition to the transferred rules shall be under the jurisdiction of the Attorney General" [Senate Bill 236 (2005), Section 6(A)]. As directed by SB 236, an Editor's Notice was published in the Oklahoma Register [see 22 Ok Reg 2667], announcing the transfer of the rules from this Chapter, as well as from OAC 450:15, Subchapter 3, Part 9, to the Attorney General's Title 75, Chapter 15 [OAC 75:15], and identifying the new location of each transferred rule. For additional information relating to this transfer, see Senate Bill 236 (2005).

[Authority: 43A O.S., § 3-314.1]
[Source: Codified 7-1-96]