Chapter 22. Certification of Alcohol and Drug Assessment and Evaluations Related to Driver's License Revocation  

SECTION 450:22-1-1. Purpose and applicability
SECTION 450:22-1-1.1. Certification duration
SECTION 450:22-1-2. Statutory authority [revoked]
SECTION 450:22-1-3. Definitions
SECTION 450:22-1-4. Meaning of verbs in rules
SECTION 450:22-1-5. General statement
SECTION 450:22-1-6. ADSAC assessors and assessment agencies
SECTION 450:22-1-6.1. Institutional and organizational description, assessment agencies
SECTION 450:22-1-7. ODMHSAS responsibilities
SECTION 450:22-1-8. Consumers with disabilities
SECTION 450:22-1-9. Certified approved sites
SECTION 450:22-1-10. Participant evaluation
SECTION 450:22-1-11. Standardized evaluation instruments
SECTION 450:22-1-11.1. Critical incidents, assessors and assessment agencies
SECTION 450:22-1-11.2. Participant record system
SECTION 450:22-1-11.3. Participant records, basic requirement assessors, assessment agencies
SECTION 450:22-1-11.4. Participant record storage, retention and disposition
SECTION 450:22-1-11.5. Confidentiality of drug or alcohol abuse treatment information
SECTION 450:22-1-11.6. Note
SECTION 450:22-1-11.7. Biopsychsocial assessment
SECTION 450:22-1-12. Assessor applicants
SECTION 450:22-1-13. Qualified practitioner [revoked]
SECTION 450:22-1-14. Qualified Practitioner responsibilities [revoked]
SECTION 450:22-1-15. Assessor responsibilities
SECTION 450:22-1-15.1. Fitness of applicants
SECTION 450:22-1-16. Denial or revocation of assessment certification
SECTION 450:22-1-17. Physical facility environment and safety, assessors and assessment agencies
SECTION 450:22-1-18. Hygiene and sanitation, assessors and assessment agencies
SECTION 450:22-1-19. State and federal statutes and regulations
SECTION 450:22-1-20. Inactive status and closure
SECTION 450:22-1-21. Participant rights and grievance policy
SECTION 450:22-1-22. ODMHSAS advocate general


[Authority: 22 O.S., §§ 991a and 991c; 43 O.S., § 2-101, 3-453, and 3-460; 47 O.S., §§ 6-212.2 and 11-902]
[Source: Codified 7-1-96]