Chapter 23. Standards and Criteria for Community-Based Structured Crisis Centers  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 450:23-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 450:23-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 450:23-1-3. Meaning of verbs in rules
SECTION 450:23-1-4. Applicability
Subchapter 3. CBSCC Services
Subchapter 5. CBSCC Clinical Records
SECTION 450:23-5-1. Clinical record keeping system
SECTION 450:23-5-2. Basic requirements
SECTION 450:23-5-3. Record access for clinical staff
SECTION 450:23-5-4. Clinical record content, intake and assessment
SECTION 450:23-5-5. Health, mental health, substance abuse, and drug history
SECTION 450:23-5-6. Progress notes
SECTION 450:23-5-7. Medication record
SECTION 450:23-5-7.1. Aftercare and discharge planning
SECTION 450:23-5-8. Aftercare and discharge summary
SECTION 450:23-5-9. Other records content
Subchapter 7. Confidentiality
SECTION 450:23-7-1. Confidentiality, mental health consumer information and records [revoked]
SECTION 450:23-7-1.1. Confidentiality of mental health and drug or alcohol abuse treatment information
SECTION 450:23-7-2. Confidentiality, substance abuse consumer information and records [revoked]
Subchapter 9. Consumer Rights
SECTION 450:23-9-1. Consumer rights, Community-based Structured Crisis Center
SECTION 450:23-9-2. Consumers' grievance policy
SECTION 450:23-9-3. ODMHSAS advocate general
SECTION 450:23-9-4. Mechanical restraints for adult consumers only
SECTION 450:23-9-5. Mechanical restraints will not be used for minors in treatment
Subchapter 11. Organizational Management
SECTION 450:23-11-1. Organizational description
SECTION 450:23-11-2. Information Analysis and Planning
Subchapter 13. Performance Improvement and Quality Management
SECTION 450:23-13-1. Performance improvement program
SECTION 450:23-13-2. Written plan [revoked]
SECTION 450:23-13-3. Performance improvement activities [revoked]
SECTION 450:23-13-4. Monitoring and evaluation process [revoked]
SECTION 450:23-13-5. Incident reporting
Subchapter 15. Utilization Review [revoked]
SECTION 450:23-15-1. Utilization review [revoked]
SECTION 450:23-15-2. Written plan [revoked]
SECTION 450:23-15-3. Methods for identifying problems [revoked]
Subchapter 17. Personnel
SECTION 450:23-17-1. Personnel policies and procedures
SECTION 450:23-17-2. Job descriptions
Subchapter 19. Staff Development and Training
SECTION 450:23-19-1. Staff qualifications
SECTION 450:23-19-2. Staff development
SECTION 450:23-19-3. In-service
Subchapter 21. Facility Environment
SECTION 450:23-21-1. Facility environment
SECTION 450:23-21-2. Medication clinic, medication monitoring
SECTION 450:23-21-3. Medication, error rates
SECTION 450:23-21-4. Technology
Subchapter 23. Governing Authority
SECTION 450:23-23-1. Documents of authority
Subchapter 25. Special Populations
SECTION 450:23-25-1. Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990
SECTION 450:23-25-2. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)


[Authority: 43A O.S., § 3-317]
[Source: Codified 7-1-01]