Subchapter 9. Behavioral Health Home

SECTION 450:27-9-1. Program description and purpose
SECTION 450:27-9-2. Target populations
SECTION 450:27-9-3. Outreach and engagement
SECTION 450:27-9-4. Structure of Behavioral Health Home and administrative staff
SECTION 450:27-9-5. Treatment team; general requirements
SECTION 450:27-9-6. Treatment team; adult team
SECTION 450:27-9-7. Treatment team; children and adolescent team
SECTION 450:27-9-8. Required services
SECTION 450:27-9-9. Access to specialists
SECTION 450:27-9-10. Admission
SECTION 450:27-9-11. Initial assessment
SECTION 450:27-9-12. Comprehensive assessments
SECTION 450:27-9-13. Integrated care plan
SECTION 450:27-9-14. Integrated care plan; content
SECTION 450:27-9-15. Review of plan
SECTION 450:27-9-16. Intensive care coordination for children and adolescents; wraparound approach
SECTION 450:27-9-17. Behavioral Health Home medication monitoring
SECTION 450:27-9-18. Behavioral Health Home pharmacy services [revoked]
SECTION 450:27-9-19. Health promotion and wellness; consumer self-management
SECTION 450:27-9-20. Discharge or transfer from Behavioral Health Home
SECTION 450:27-9-21. Linkage and transitional care
SECTION 450:27-9-22. Consumer (patient care) registries and population health management
SECTION 450:27-9-23. Electronic health records and data sharing
SECTION 450:27-9-24. Performance measurement and quality improvement


[Source: Codified 9-15-15]