Chapter 53. Standards and Criteria for Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialists  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 450:53-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 450:53-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 450:53-1-3. Authority of the Commissioner and Department
Subchapter 3. Peer Recovery Support Specialists Certification Application
SECTION 450:53-3-1. Qualifications for certification
SECTION 450:53-3-2. Applications for certification
SECTION 450:53-3-3. Duration of certification
SECTION 450:53-3-4. Fees
SECTION 450:53-3-5. Fitness of applicants
Subchapter 5. Peer Recovery Support Specialists Certification, Training, Exam and Ceu's
SECTION 450:53-5-1. Peer Recovery Support Specialists minimum education requirements
SECTION 450:53-5-2. Peer Recovery Support Specialists certification examination
SECTION 450:53-5-3. Continuing education requirements
Subchapter 7. Rules of Professional Conduct
SECTION 450:53-7-1. Responsibility
SECTION 450:53-7-2. Competence and scope of practice
SECTION 450:53-7-3. Proficiency
SECTION 450:53-7-4. Wellbeing of the people served
SECTION 450:53-7-5. Professional standards
SECTION 450:53-7-6. Reimbursement for services rendered
SECTION 450:53-7-7. Failure to comply
SECTION 450:53-7-8. Personal Problems and Conflicts
Subchapter 9. Enforcement
SECTION 450:53-9-1. Enforcement
SECTION 450:53-9-2. Reasons to deny, revoke or suspend certification
Subchapter 11. Grandfathering
SECTION 450:53-11-1. Grandfathering


[Authority: 43A O.S., §§ 2-101 and 3-326]
[Source: Codified 7-1-11]