Chapter 55. Standards and Criteria for Programs of Assertive Community Treatment  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 450:55-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 450:55-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 450:55-1-3. Applicability
Subchapter 3. Program Description and Pact Services
SECTION 450:55-3-1. General program description and target population
SECTION 450:55-3-2. Admission criteria
SECTION 450:55-3-3. Total case load and admission rate
SECTION 450:55-3-4. Discharge criteria
SECTION 450:55-3-5. Hours of operation and staff coverage
SECTION 450:55-3-6. Service intensity
SECTION 450:55-3-7. Staffing requirements
SECTION 450:55-3-8. Staff communication and planning
SECTION 450:55-3-9. Clinical supervision
SECTION 450:55-3-10. Required services
Subchapter 5. Pact Clinical Documentation
SECTION 450:55-5-1. Clinical record keeping system
SECTION 450:55-5-2. Basic requirements
SECTION 450:55-5-3. Documentation of individual treatment team members
SECTION 450:55-5-4. Initial assessment and treatment plan
SECTION 450:55-5-5. Comprehensive assessment
SECTION 450:55-5-6. Treatment team meeting
SECTION 450:55-5-7. Treatment planning
SECTION 450:55-5-8. Discharge
SECTION 450:55-5-9. PACT progress note
SECTION 450:55-5-10. Medication record
SECTION 450:55-5-11. Other records content
Subchapter 7. Confidentiality
SECTION 450:55-7-1. Confidentiality, mental health consumer information and records
Subchapter 9. Consumer Rights
SECTION 450:55-9-1. Consumer rights
SECTION 450:55-9-2. Consumers' grievance policy
SECTION 450:55-9-3. ODMHSAS Office of Consumer Advocacy
Subchapter 11. Organizational Management
SECTION 450:55-11-1. Organizational description
SECTION 450:55-11-2. Program organization
SECTION 450:55-11-3. Information analysis and planning
Subchapter 13. Performance Improvement and Quality Management
SECTION 450:55-13-1. Performance improvement program
SECTION 450:55-13-2. Incident reporting
Subchapter 15. Personnel
SECTION 450:55-15-1. Personnel policies and procedures
SECTION 450:55-15-2. Job descriptions
Subchapter 17. Staff Development and Training
SECTION 450:55-17-1. Orientation and training
SECTION 450:55-17-2. Staff development
SECTION 450:55-17-3. In-service
Subchapter 19. Facility Environment
SECTION 450:55-19-1. Facility environment
SECTION 450:55-19-2. Medication storage
Subchapter 21. Governing Authority
SECTION 450:55-21-1. Documents of authority
Subchapter 23. Special Populations
SECTION 450:55-23-1. Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990
SECTION 450:55-23-2. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
Subchapter 25. Behavioral Health Home
SECTION 450:55-25-1. Program description and purpose
SECTION 450:55-25-2. Target population
SECTION 450:55-25-3. Outreach and engagement
SECTION 450:55-25-4. Structure of Behavioral Health Home and administrative staff
SECTION 450:55-25-5. Treatment team; general requirements
SECTION 450:55-25-6. Treatment team composition
SECTION 450:55-25-7. Required services
SECTION 450:55-25-8. Access to specialists
SECTION 450:55-25-9. Admission
SECTION 450:55-25-10. Integrated screening, intake, and assessment services
SECTION 450:55-25-11. Initial assessment
SECTION 450:55-25-12. Comprehensive assessment
SECTION 450:55-25-13. Integrated care plan
SECTION 450:55-25-14. Integrated care plan; content
SECTION 450:55-25-15. Review of plan
SECTION 450:55-25-16. Behavioral Health Home medication monitoring
SECTION 450:55-25-17. Behavioral Health Home pharmacy services [revoked]
SECTION 450:55-25-18. Health promotion and wellness; consumer self-management
SECTION 450:55-25-19. Discharge or transfer from Behavioral Health Home
SECTION 450:55-25-20. Linkage and transitional care
SECTION 450:55-25-21. Consumer (patient care) registries and population health management
SECTION 450:55-25-22. Electronic health records and data sharing
SECTION 450:55-25-23. Performance measurement and quality improvement


[Authority: 43A O.S., § 2-101, 3-306 and 3-319]
[Source: Codified 7-1-04]