Chapter 10. Provisions and Penalties Applicable to All Licensees  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 45:10-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 45:10-1-2. Definitions
Subchapter 3. Provisions Applicable to All Licensees
SECTION 45:10-3-1. Denial of application
SECTION 45:10-3-2. Felony conviction or previous revocation
SECTION 45:10-3-3. Interest in illegal business
SECTION 45:10-3-4. Notice of intent to apply for license
SECTION 45:10-3-5. Application filing period
SECTION 45:10-3-6. Payment of municipal occupational tax
SECTION 45:10-3-7. Employee, Agent or Manufacturer's Agent license
SECTION 45:10-3-8. Duplicate licenses
SECTION 45:10-3-9. Trade organization disclosure
SECTION 45:10-3-10. Prohibited conduct on licensed premises
SECTION 45:10-3-11. Sanitation
SECTION 45:10-3-12. Restriction on delivery of alcoholic beverages
SECTION 45:10-3-13. Payment before delivery by Wholesaler
SECTION 45:10-3-14. Wholesaler invoice requirement
SECTION 45:10-3-15. Returning merchandise delivered in error
SECTION 45:10-3-16. Insufficient fund checks prohibited
SECTION 45:10-3-17. Payment of insufficient fund checks
SECTION 45:10-3-18. Notice of dishonored check
SECTION 45:10-3-19. Requirement for deposit of checks
SECTION 45:10-3-20. Holding of check prohibited
SECTION 45:10-3-21. Postdated checks prohibited
SECTION 45:10-3-22. Wholesaler city bank deposit requirement
SECTION 45:10-3-23. Tie-in sales prohibited
SECTION 45:10-3-24. Acceptance of certain inducements prohibited
SECTION 45:10-3-25. Offering of certain inducements prohibited
SECTION 45:10-3-26. Prohibited transactions
SECTION 45:10-3-27. Storage in bonded warehouse
SECTION 45:10-3-28. Refunds for erroneous or excessive collections
SECTION 45:10-3-29. Restriction on licensing relatives
SECTION 45:10-3-30. Transfer of stock by former licensee
SECTION 45:10-3-31. Designated bar areas
SECTION 45:10-3-32. Prohibited locations
Subchapter 5. Penalties
SECTION 45:10-5-1. General penalty
SECTION 45:10-5-2. Summary suspension
SECTION 45:10-5-3. Penalty schedules
Appendix A. Major Violations Penalty Schedule
Appendix B. Minor Violations Penalty Schedule


[Authority: 37 O.S., §§ 502 et seq.]
[Source: Codified 12-31-91]