Chapter 50. Charity Games  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 45:50-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 45:50-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 45:50-1-3. Name of organization to be displayed
SECTION 45:50-1-4. Sale or use of nonconforming bingo faces
SECTION 45:50-1-5. Destruction of altered or damaged breakopen ticket cards
SECTION 45:50-1-6. Co-ownership of charity game equipment
SECTION 45:50-1-7. Rentals and leases of charity game equipment
SECTION 45:50-1-8. Use of vending machines prohibited
SECTION 45:50-1-9. Bingo Equipment
SECTION 45:50-1-10. Equipment transfer notification
SECTION 45:50-1-11. Location
SECTION 45:50-1-12. Printer exclusion
Subchapter 3. Licenses
SECTION 45:50-3-1. Organization license
SECTION 45:50-3-2. Distributor license
SECTION 45:50-3-3. Manufacturer license
Subchapter 5. Exemptions
SECTION 45:50-5-1. Organization exemption
SECTION 45:50-5-2. Health care and retirement facility exemption
SECTION 45:50-5-3. Games where no consideration is required to play
Subchapter 7. Operations of Charity Games
SECTION 45:50-7-1. Conduct of a bingo game or U-Pik-Em bingo game
SECTION 45:50-7-2. Conduct of breakopen ticket games
Subchapter 9. Accounting, Recordkeeping, Reporting
SECTION 45:50-9-1. Organization operations, accounts, and reports
SECTION 45:50-9-2. Distributor operations and reporting
SECTION 45:50-9-3. Manufacturer operations and reporting
Subchapter 11. Administrative Hearings and Penalties
SECTION 45:50-11-1. Procedures for conducting hearings
SECTION 45:50-11-2. Penalty Schedule
SECTION 45:50-11-3. Petition for rule change or declaratory ruling


Editor's Note: Effective 7-1-93, the responsibility for "the administration and enforcement of the Oklahoma Charity Games Act" [Laws 1993, c. 305, § 4(B)] was transferred from the Oklahoma Tax Commission [OAC 710:95-7] to the Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission [OAC 45]. The Tax Commission was directed to continue to "promulgate and enforce . . . such rules as are necessary to provide for the collection, remitting and verification of payment of taxes by distributors . . . " [Laws 1993, c. 305, § 12(H)]. For additional information on the transfer of authority, see Laws 1993, c. 305. For rules promulgated subsequent to the transfer, see this Chapter [OAC 45:50] and the Tax Commission's Chapter 23 rules [OAC 710:23].

[Authority: 3A O.S., § 427(D)]
[Source: Codified 8-11-94]