Chapter 10. Requirements for Registration  

SECTION 475:10-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 475:10-1-2. Time and method of payment of registration fees
SECTION 475:10-1-3. Exemption from registration or payment of fees
SECTION 475:10-1-4. Separate registration
SECTION 475:10-1-5. Exemptions of agents and employees
SECTION 475:10-1-6. Exempted persons engaging in private activities
SECTION 475:10-1-7. Exemption of law enforcement officials
SECTION 475:10-1-8. Waiver of civil defense officials
SECTION 475:10-1-9. Application for registration pursuant to Title 63 Okl. St.Ann § 2-302
SECTION 475:10-1-10. Application notices for registration and re-registration
SECTION 475:10-1-11. Operational protocols
SECTION 475:10-1-12. Filing of application
SECTION 475:10-1-13. Acceptance for filing
SECTION 475:10-1-14. Additional information
SECTION 475:10-1-15. Amendments to and withdrawal of applications
SECTION 475:10-1-16. Inspection
SECTION 475:10-1-17. Applications for scientific research in Schedule I substances
SECTION 475:10-1-18. Certificate of Registration
SECTION 475:10-1-19. Surrender of certificate of registration
SECTION 475:10-1-20. Modification of registration
SECTION 475:10-1-21. Change of business address
SECTION 475:10-1-22. Termination of registration
SECTION 475:10-1-23. Special exempt persons -- Native American Church
SECTION 475:10-1-24. Ephedra/mahuang exemption


[Authority: 63 O.S., §§ 2-301, 2-302, and 2-309H]
[Source: Codified 5-20-91]