Chapter 10. Licensure of Practical and Registered Nurses

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 485:10-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 485:10-1-2. Definitions.
SECTION 485:10-1-3. Fees
Subchapter 3. Regulations for Approved Nursing Education Programs
SECTION 485:10-3-1. Approval of nursing education programs
SECTION 485:10-3-2. Establishment of new nursing education programs
SECTION 485:10-3-3. Closing of nursing education programs
SECTION 485:10-3-4. Change of ownership
SECTION 485:10-3-5. Reports to the Board
SECTION 485:10-3-6. Nursing education program visits
SECTION 485:10-3-7. Appeal of decision of the Board
Subchapter 5. Minimum Standards for Approved Nursing Education Programs
SECTION 485:10-5-1. Philosophy and objectives [revoked]
SECTION 485:10-5-2. Administration and organization
SECTION 485:10-5-3. Faculty [AMENDED AND RENUMBERED TO 485:10-5-5.2] [Amended and Renumbered]
SECTION 485:10-5-3.1. Nursing administrator [terminated]
SECTION 485:10-5-3.2. Nursing administrator for nursing education programs
SECTION 485:10-5-4. Resources, facilities, and services
SECTION 485:10-5-4.1. Clinical learning experiences
SECTION 485:10-5-5.1. Faculty [terminated]
SECTION 485:10-5-5. Students
SECTION 485:10-5-5.2. Faculty for nursing education programs
SECTION 485:10-5-6. Curriculum
SECTION 485:10-5-7. Evaluation
SECTION 485:10-5-8. Experimentation
SECTION 485:10-5-9. Length of approved nursing programs
SECTION 485:10-5-10. Records
SECTION 485:10-5-11. Advisory committee [revoked]
SECTION 485:10-5-12. Out-of-State nursing education programs conducting clinical experiences in Oklahoma
Subchapter 6. Minimum Standards for Approved Advanced Practice Registered Nursing (APRN) Education Programs (Effective January 1, 2016)
SECTION 485:10-6-1. Approval of APRN education programs
SECTION 485:10-6-2. Minimum standards for APRN education programs
SECTION 485:10-6-3. Establishment of a new APRN education program in the state of Oklahoma
SECTION 485:10-6-4. Reports to the Board
SECTION 485:10-6-5. Continuing approval of APRN education programs
Subchapter 7. Requirements for Registration and Licensure as a Registered Nurse
SECTION 485:10-7-1. Licensure by examination
SECTION 485:10-7-2. Licensure by endorsement
SECTION 485:10-7-3. Renewal of [RN] license
SECTION 485:10-7-4. Reinstatement of license
SECTION 485:10-7-5. Inactive status
SECTION 485:10-7-6. Duplicate license card [revoked]
SECTION 485:10-7-7. Replacement certificate of licensure [revoked]
SECTION 485:10-7-8. Endorsement of a Registered Nurse to another state
SECTION 485:10-7-9. Change of name and address
SECTION 485:10-7-10. Issuance of a multistate license to an existing licensee
Subchapter 8. Criminal Background Checks for Applicants for Licensure/Certification
SECTION 485:10-8-1. Requirements for criminal background checks for initial licensure/certification in this state
Subchapter 9. Requirements for Registration and Licensure as a Licensed Practical Nurse
SECTION 485:10-9-1. Licensure by examination
SECTION 485:10-9-2. Licensure by endorsement
SECTION 485:10-9-3. Renewal of [LPN] license
SECTION 485:10-9-4. Reinstatement of license
SECTION 485:10-9-5. Inactive status
SECTION 485:10-9-6. Duplicate license card [revoked]
SECTION 485:10-9-7. Replacement certificate of licensure [revoked]
SECTION 485:10-9-8. Endorsement of a Licensed Practical Nurse to another state
SECTION 485:10-9-9. Change of name and address
SECTION 485:10-9-10. Issuance of a multistate license to an existing licensee
Subchapter 10. Advanced Unlicensed Assistant
SECTION 485:10-10-1. Purpose
SECTION 485:10-10-2. Certification training program
SECTION 485:10-10-3. Curriculum
SECTION 485:10-10-4. Faculty
SECTION 485:10-10-5. Applicants
SECTION 485:10-10-6. Certification examination
SECTION 485:10-10-7. Certification
SECTION 485:10-10-8. Recertification
SECTION 485:10-10-8.1. Reinstatement of certification
SECTION 485:10-10-8.2. Inactive status
SECTION 485:10-10-9. Records
SECTION 485:10-10-10. Disciplinary action
Subchapter 11. Disciplinary Action
SECTION 485:10-11-1. Denial, revocation or suspension of license or certificate
SECTION 485:10-11-2. Hearings
SECTION 485:10-11-3. Informal disposition
Subchapter 12. Corrective Action
SECTION 485:10-12-1. Purpose
SECTION 485:10-12-2. Definitions
SECTION 485:10-12-3. Imposition of Corrective Action
SECTION 485:10-12-4. Corrective Action Procedure
Subchapter 13. Requirements for Employment
SECTION 485:10-13-1. Conditions of employment
SECTION 485:10-13-2. Annual report of employing institutions
SECTION 485:10-13-3. Continuing education
Subchapter 15. Requirements for Practice as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse
SECTION 485:10-15-1. Practice as a Certified Nurse-Midwife [AMENDED AND RENUMBERED TO 485:10-15-8] [Amended and Renumbered]
SECTION 485:10-15-2. Certified Nurse-Midwife Advisory Committee appointment [revoked]
SECTION 485:10-15-3. Functions of the Certified Nurse-Midwife Advisory Committee [revoked]
SECTION 485:10-15-4.1. Temporary recognition [revoked]
SECTION 485:10-15-4. Application
SECTION 485:10-15-5. Renewal, reinstatement and inactive status of licensure
SECTION 485:10-15-6. Practice as a Certified Nurse Practitioner
SECTION 485:10-15-7. Practice as a Clinical Nurse Specialist
SECTION 485:10-15-8. Practice as a Certified Nurse-Midwife
SECTION 485:10-15-9.1. Approval of advanced practice education programs (Effective January 1, 2016) [revoked]
SECTION 485:10-15-9. Practice as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist
Subchapter 16. Requirements for Prescriptive Authority for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses
SECTION 485:10-16-1. Definitions
SECTION 485:10-16-2. Provision
SECTION 485:10-16-3. Initial application
SECTION 485:10-16-3.1. Endorsement
SECTION 485:10-16-4. Clinical Nurse Specialist pharmacology requirements
SECTION 485:10-16-5. Maintenance
SECTION 485:10-16-6. Renewal
SECTION 485:10-16-7. Reinstatement/Inactive Status
SECTION 485:10-16-8. Information which must be included on the prescription
SECTION 485:10-16-9. Termination
Subchapter 17. Nurse Practitioner Requirements [revoked]
SECTION 485:10-17-1. Practice as a Nurse Practitioner [revoked]
Subchapter 18. Prescriptive Authority for CRNA
SECTION 485:10-18-1. Definitions
SECTION 485:10-18-2. Initial application
SECTION 485:10-18-3. Renewal
SECTION 485:10-18-4. Reinstatement
SECTION 485:10-18-5. Information which must be included in the order
Subchapter 19. Peer Assistance Program
SECTION 485:10-19-1. Purpose
SECTION 485:10-19-2. Definitions
SECTION 485:10-19-3. Administration
SECTION 485:10-19-4. Peer Assistance Committee(s)
SECTION 485:10-19-5. Qualifications of applicant
SECTION 485:10-19-6. Participation in program
SECTION 485:10-19-7. Discharge from program
SECTION 485:10-19-8. Termination from program


[Authority: 59 O.S., §§ 567.1 et seq.]
[Source: Codified 7-24-91]