Chapter 10. Long Term Care Administrators  

Subchapter 1. Licensing of Long Term Care Administrators
SECTION 490:10-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 490:10-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 490:10-1-2.1. General requirements that must be met by each applicant
SECTION 490:10-1-3. Requirements for initial licensure for nursing/skilled nursing facility (includes ICF/MR) administrator (also known as nursing home administrator)
SECTION 490:10-1-3.1. Requirements for initial licensure for residential care/assisted living (RC/AL) administrators
SECTION 490:10-1-3.2. Grandfathered license [revoked]
SECTION 490:10-1-3.3. Requirements for initial licensure for residential care (RC) administrators
SECTION 490:10-1-3.4. Grandfathered license [revoked]
SECTION 490:10-1-3.5. Requirements for initial licensure for adult day care (ADC) administrators
SECTION 490:10-1-3.6. Grandfathered license [revoked]
SECTION 490:10-1-4. Requirements for licensure by endorsement for long term care administrators
SECTION 490:10-1-5. Requirements for a provisional license as a nursing home administrator or residential care/assisted living (RC/AL) administrator
SECTION 490:10-1-5.1. Requirements for a provisional license as a residential careadministrator
SECTION 490:10-1-5.2. Requirements for a provisional license as an adult day care administrator
SECTION 490:10-1-6. Administrator responsibilities [AMENDED AND RENUMBERED TO 490:10-13-2] [Amended and Renumbered]
SECTION 490:10-1-7. Waiver of rule [revoked]
SECTION 490:10-1-8. Administrator code of ethics [AMENDED AND RENUMBERED TO 490:10-13-1] [Amended and Renumbered]
SECTION 490:10-1-9. Inactive license [revoked]
SECTION 490:10-1-10. Requirements for reinstatement from inactive status [revoked]
SECTION 490:10-1-11. Requirements for restoration from suspended status
Subchapter 3. Application for Long Term Care Administrator licensure
SECTION 490:10-3-1. Application for initial licensure, licensure by endorsement, or provisional license
SECTION 490:10-3-1.1. Evidence requirements
SECTION 490:10-3-2. National examination
SECTION 490:10-3-3. State Standards examination
SECTION 490:10-3-4. Admission to the State Standards and National Examinations
SECTION 490:10-3-5. Application for licensure renewal
SECTION 490:10-3-6. Provisional licensure term
Subchapter 5. Discipline
SECTION 490:10-5-1. Expiration [AMENDED AND RENUMBERED TO 490:10-3-6] [Amended and Renumbered]
SECTION 490:10-5-2. Renewal [AMENDED AND RENUMBERED TO 490:10-3-5] [Amended and Renumbered]
SECTION 490:10-5-3. Disciplinary action
SECTION 490:10-5-4. Auditing of continuing education [revoked]
SECTION 490:10-5-5. Summary suspension
Subchapter 7. Administrator University
SECTION 490:10-7-1. Application [revoked]
SECTION 490:10-7-2. Acceptance and notification [revoked]
SECTION 490:10-7-3. General provisions
Subchapter 8. Administrator in Training (AIT) Internship Program for Nursing Home Administrators and Certified Assistant Administrators
SECTION 490:10-8-1. Training requirement [revoked]
SECTION 490:10-8-2. Application
SECTION 490:10-8-3. Training permit
SECTION 490:10-8-4. Preceptor selection
SECTION 490:10-8-5. Preceptor qualifications
SECTION 490:10-8-5.1. Preceptor designation/assignment to an AIT intern/trainee
SECTION 490:10-8-6. Curriculum for nursing home administrator and certified assistant administrator (CAA) AITs
SECTION 490:10-8-7. Module reports for nursing home administrator and certified assistant administrator (CAA) AITs
SECTION 490:10-8-8. Preceptor's final report
SECTION 490:10-8-9. Preceptor's checklist
SECTION 490:10-8-10. Change of status and discontinuance
SECTION 490:10-8-11. Dismissal from program
SECTION 490:10-8-12. Compensation of AIT Interns/Trainees
SECTION 490:10-8-13. AIT time on the job
SECTION 490:10-8-14. AIT Internship exempt status
SECTION 490:10-8-15. Admission to national and state exams [AMENDED AND RENUMBERED TO 490:10-3-4] [Amended and Renumbered]
SECTION 490:10-8-16. Refusal to approve or renew preceptor or intern assignment
SECTION 490:10-8-17. Supervision of AIT interns/trainees
Subchapter 9. License Status [revoked]
SECTION 490:10-9-1. License status [revoked]
SECTION 490:10-9-2. Reinstatement [revoked]
Subchapter 10. Fee Schedule [revoked]
SECTION 490:10-10-1. Fee Schedule [revoked]
Subchapter 13. Standards for Administrators
SECTION 490:10-13-1. Administrator Code of Ethics
SECTION 490:10-13-2. Administrator responsibilities
SECTION 490:10-13-3. Requirements for administrators who serve as the Administrator-of-Record of two (2) or more licensed long term care (nursing) facilities employing Certified Assistant Administrators


[Authority: 63 O.S., §§ 330.51 et seq.]
[Source: Codified 12-30-91]