Chapter 1. Administrative Operations  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 505:1-1-1. Purpose
Subchapter 3. Board Organization and Administration
SECTION 505:1-3-1. General Board purpose and method of operation
SECTION 505:1-3-2. Powers and duties of the Board
SECTION 505:1-3-3. Board composition and officers
SECTION 505:1-3-4. Board meetings
SECTION 505:1-3-5. Official Board records
SECTION 505:1-3-6. Availability of records and manner of obtaining information
SECTION 505:1-3-7. Availability of Board rules, regulations, policy Statements
SECTION 505:1-3-8. Office of the Board is deemed to be the Office of the Executive Director
SECTION 505:1-3-9. Examination and Annual License Fee
Subchapter 5. Rulemaking and Declaratory Rulings
SECTION 505:1-5-1. Opportunity for hearing
SECTION 505:1-5-2. Petition for rulemaking
SECTION 505:1-5-3. Notice
SECTION 505:1-5-4. Rulemaking hearing
SECTION 505:1-5-5. Effective date
SECTION 505:1-5-6. Emergency rules
SECTION 505:1-5-7. Request for declaratory ruling
Subchapter 7. Individual Proceedings
SECTION 505:1-7-1. Definitions
SECTION 505:1-7-2. Filing of papers
SECTION 505:1-7-3. Initiation of petition for individual proceeding
SECTION 505:1-7-4. Notice to parties
SECTION 505:1-7-5. Service of notice
SECTION 505:1-7-6. Time of hearing; request for extension
SECTION 505:1-7-7. Conduct of hearing
SECTION 505:1-7-8. Record of Hearing
SECTION 505:1-7-9. Findings of fact
SECTION 505:1-7-10. Notice of facts
SECTION 505:1-7-11. Final orders, proposed finding of facts and conclusions of law
SECTION 505:1-7-12. Communication with parties
SECTION 505:1-7-13. Subpoenas
SECTION 505:1-7-14. Requests for disqualification
SECTION 505:1-7-15. Rehearing, reopening or reconsideration
SECTION 505:1-7-16. Informal hearing of a matter
SECTION 505:1-7-17. Stipulation of an order


[Authority: 59 O.S., §§ 581 et seq.; 75 O.S., § 302]
[Source: Codified 12-31-91]