Chapter 10. Licensure and Regulation of Optometrists

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 505:10-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 505:10-1-2. Forms and instructions
SECTION 505:10-1-3. Sample of official forms [revoked]
Subchapter 3. Licensing Procedures
SECTION 505:10-3-1. Application for license
SECTION 505:10-3-2. Examination of Candidates
SECTION 505:10-3-3. License requirements
SECTION 505:10-3-4. Granting of license
SECTION 505:10-3-5. Reciprocity abolished
SECTION 505:10-3-6. Special volunteer licenses
SECTION 505:10-3-7. Acceptance of Military education, training, and experience toward qualification for licensure examination
SECTION 505:10-3-8. Expediting issuances of license or certificate, or temporary permit
SECTION 505:10-3-9. Automatic extension of licenses for those deployed on active duty with the Armed Forces
Subchapter 5. Regulation of Licensees
SECTION 505:10-5-1. Minimum standard of sanitation, hygiene and professional surroundings
SECTION 505:10-5-2. Prohibition against practicing in proximity to retail optical outlet
SECTION 505:10-5-3. Prohibition against solicitation
SECTION 505:10-5-4. Prohibition against practicing in connection with comercial business
SECTION 505:10-5-5. Prohibition against practicing under name other than proper name
SECTION 505:10-5-6. Requirement of registering intent to dispense dangerous drugs and controlled dangerous substances
SECTION 505:10-5-7. Practice in two locations
SECTION 505:10-5-8. Penalties for practicing without renewal certificate
SECTION 505:10-5-9. Required findings on examination of patient
SECTION 505:10-5-10. Prohibition against false advertising
SECTION 505:10-5-11. Authorized post-graduate educational work
SECTION 505:10-5-12. Code of Ethics
SECTION 505:10-5-13. Acts constituting unprofessional conduct
SECTION 505:10-5-14. Release of contact lenses prescription
SECTION 505:10-5-15. Employment relationships of optometrists, including Professional Entities
SECTION 505:10-5-16. Therapeutic Pharmaceutical Agent certificate required after June 30, 2006
SECTION 505:10-5-17. Proper scope of practice of nonlaser surgical procedures
Subchapter 7. Complaints, Regulations and Renewals
SECTION 505:10-7-1. Notification of action on license
SECTION 505:10-7-2. Complaints against licensees
SECTION 505:10-7-3. Renewal after revocation
SECTION 505:10-7-4. Placement of license on inactive status and restoration to active status of such licenses


[Authority: 59 O.S., §§ 583 and 587]
[Source: Codified 12-31-91]