Chapter 10. Anatomical Specimens

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 50:10-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 50:10-1-2. Application of rules
SECTION 50:10-1-3. Documents for receiving anatomical specimens
SECTION 50:10-1-4. Documents for issuing anatomical specimens
SECTION 50:10-1-5. Cremation and disposition
SECTION 50:10-1-6. Not returned without cremation
SECTION 50:10-1-7. Persons who may donate
SECTION 50:10-1-8. The right to accept or reject a body
SECTION 50:10-1-9. Payment for professional services
SECTION 50:10-1-10. Death of a registered donor outside of Oklahoma
SECTION 50:10-1-11. No funeral or service or viewing
SECTION 50:10-1-12. Programs or individuals receiving anatomical specimen
SECTION 50:10-1-12.1. Institutions eligible for registration or who may request bodies for use
SECTION 50:10-1-13. Cadaver use fee
SECTION 50:10-1-14. Board forms
SECTION 50:10-1-15. Desecration of a human corpse
Subchapter 3. Requirements for Recipients of Anatomical Specimens
SECTION 50:10-3-1. General requirements
SECTION 50:10-3-2. Requirements for registered anatomical donor programs and non-transplant tissue bank
SECTION 50:10-3-3. Distribution priorities
SECTION 50:10-3-4. Transfer of bodies
SECTION 50:10-3-5. Transport, importation and exportation of bodies
SECTION 50:10-3-6. Application and inspection of facilities
SECTION 50:10-3-7. Standards for facilities
SECTION 50:10-3-8. Audit procedures


[Authority: 63 O.S., §§ 91 through 109]
[Source: Codified 3-13-91]