Chapter 15. Pharmacies  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 535:15-1-1. Purpose
Subchapter 3. Pharmacies
SECTION 535:15-3-1. Requirements in pharmacy [revoked]
SECTION 535:15-3-1.1. Definitions
SECTION 535:15-3-2. Pharmacy responsibilities
SECTION 535:15-3-3. Requirements for pharmacies employing assistant pharmacists
SECTION 535:15-3-4.1. Pharmacy licensing requirement
SECTION 535:15-3-4.2. Minimum required information for licensure
SECTION 535:15-3-4. Physical requirements for pharmacies
SECTION 535:15-3-5. Lock out pharmacy or prescription department
SECTION 535:15-3-6. Required library reference books or computer sources
SECTION 535:15-3-7. Condemnation authority for open packages of drugs taken in thefts / burglaries
SECTION 535:15-3-8. Closing a drug store; violation notice
SECTION 535:15-3-9. Non-resident pharmacies
SECTION 535:15-3-10. Inventory
SECTION 535:15-3-11. Prescription drugs
SECTION 535:15-3-12. Transfer of prescription refill information
SECTION 535:15-3-12.1. Electronic transfer of prescription refill information
SECTION 535:15-3-13. Pharmacist's responsibility in a pharmacy
SECTION 535:15-3-14. Patient records
SECTION 535:15-3-15. Identifying auxiliary personnel [revoked]
SECTION 535:15-3-15.1. Transmission of prescription orders other than verbal
SECTION 535:15-3-16. Adequate staffing rules for pharmacists and pharmacies
SECTION 535:15-3-17. Pharmacy prescription records
SECTION 535:15-3-18. Pharmacy prescription drug purchase records
SECTION 535:15-3-19. Three prescription files
SECTION 535:15-3-20. [Reserved]
SECTION 535:15-3-21. Prescription fill, refill and partial fill records and reports
Subchapter 4. Remote Medication Order Processing (RMOP) and RMOP Pharmacy for Hospital Pharmacies
SECTION 535:15-4-1. Purpose
SECTION 535:15-4-2. Definitions
SECTION 535:15-4-3. Registration
SECTION 535:15-4-4. Staffing requirements
SECTION 535:15-4-5. Responsibilities and duties of RMOP pharmacies and pharmacy manager [pharmacist in charge (PIC's)]
SECTION 535:15-4-6. Governing body
SECTION 535:15-4-7. Unlawful acts and violations
Subchapter 5. Hospital Pharmacies
SECTION 535:15-5-1. Purpose
SECTION 535:15-5-2. Definitions
SECTION 535:15-5-3. Applicability
SECTION 535:15-5-4. Registration
SECTION 535:15-5-5. Director and pharmacy manager
SECTION 535:15-5-6. Staff pharmacists [revoked]
SECTION 535:15-5-7. Supportive personnel
SECTION 535:15-5-7.1. Pharmacy technician qualifications and training
SECTION 535:15-5-7.2. Supervision of pharmacy technicians
SECTION 535:15-5-7.3. Auxiliary supportive personnel tasks
SECTION 535:15-5-7.5. Prohibited duties
SECTION 535:15-5-7.6. Pharmacy technician annual permit requirement
SECTION 535:15-5-7.7. Permit display
SECTION 535:15-5-7.8. Change of address and employment location notification
SECTION 535:15-5-7.9. Multiple employment locations
SECTION 535:15-5-7.4. Pharmacy technician tasks
SECTION 535:15-5-7.10. Work schedule display
SECTION 535:15-5-7.11. Technician training
SECTION 535:15-5-7.12. Identification of Pharmacy technicians
SECTION 535:15-5-8. Absence of pharmacist
SECTION 535:15-5-9. Hospital pharmacy physical requirements
SECTION 535:15-5-10. Director of Pharmacy responsibilities
SECTION 535:15-5-10.1. Labeling
SECTION 535:15-5-10.2. Medication orders
SECTION 535:15-5-11. Non-distributive roles of pharmacists
SECTION 535:15-5-12. Administration of drugs to patients
SECTION 535:15-5-13. Medications from other sources
SECTION 535:15-5-14. Performance improvement
SECTION 535:15-5-15. Investigational drugs
SECTION 535:15-5-16. Monthly inspections
SECTION 535:15-5-17. Board inspections
SECTION 535:15-5-18. Drug rooms
SECTION 535:15-5-19. Remote medication order processing (RMOP)
Subchapter 6. Hospital Drug Room
SECTION 535:15-6-1. Purpose
SECTION 535:15-6-2. Definitions
SECTION 535:15-6-3. Registration
SECTION 535:15-6-4. Staffing requirements
SECTION 535:15-6-5. Drug room and PIC responsibilities and duties
SECTION 535:15-6-6. Physical and library requirements
SECTION 535:15-6-7. Drug distribution and control
SECTION 535:15-6-8. Emergency dispensing and pre-packaged medications
SECTION 535:15-6-9. Emergency room pre-packaged medications formulary
SECTION 535:15-6-10. Access to drugs in absence of PIC or drug room supervisor
SECTION 535:15-6-11. Administration of drugs to patients
SECTION 535:15-6-12. Medication from other sources
SECTION 535:15-6-13. Investigational drugs
SECTION 535:15-6-14. Drug storage stock inspections
SECTION 535:15-6-15. Non-distributive roles of pharmacists
SECTION 535:15-6-16. Performance improvement
SECTION 535:15-6-17. Board of Pharmacy inspections
SECTION 535:15-6-18. Drug room training area
SECTION 535:15-6-19. Violations
SECTION 535:15-6-20. Remote medication order processing
Subchapter 7. Drug Supplier Permits
SECTION 535:15-7-1. Definitions
SECTION 535:15-7-2. Drug supplier requirements
SECTION 535:15-7-3. Drug supplier restriction
Subchapter 9. Sterile Compounded Preparations pharmacy Permits
SECTION 535:15-9-1. Scope and purpose
SECTION 535:15-9-2. Definitions
SECTION 535:15-9-3. Sterile compounding preparation permit requirements
SECTION 535:15-9-4. Permit issuance
SECTION 535:15-9-5. Policy and procedure manual
SECTION 535:15-9-6. Sterile compounding preparation pharmacy physical requirements
SECTION 535:15-9-7. Manager
SECTION 535:15-9-8. Pharmacist accessibility
SECTION 535:15-9-9. Drug distribution and control
SECTION 535:15-9-10. Cytotoxic or Hazardous drugs
SECTION 535:15-9-11. Quality assurance
SECTION 535:15-9-12. Pharmacist manager responsibility
Subchapter 10. Good Compounding Practices
Subchapter 11. Charitable Clinic Pharmacies
SECTION 535:15-11-1. Charitable clinic pharmacy license
Subchapter 13. Pharmacy Supportive Personnel
SECTION 535:15-13-1. Purpose
SECTION 535:15-13-2. Hospital pharmacy technicians definitions and duties
SECTION 535:15-13-3. Definitions
SECTION 535:15-13-4. Pharmacy technician qualifications and training
SECTION 535:15-13-5. Supervision of pharmacy technicians
SECTION 535:15-13-6. Duties
SECTION 535:15-13-7. Prohibited duties
SECTION 535:15-13-8. Technician annual permit requirement
SECTION 535:15-13-9. Technician permit display
SECTION 535:15-13-10. Technician address and employment change, and training at change of employment
SECTION 535:15-13-11. Multiple locations of employment
SECTION 535:15-13-12. Work schedule display
SECTION 535:15-13-13. Pharmacy technician training
SECTION 535:15-13-14. Pharmacy technician identification
Subchapter 15. Home Care Agency Pharmacy Agreements
SECTION 535:15-15-1. Definitions
SECTION 535:15-15-2. Pharmacy agreements with Home Care Agencies (HCA's)
SECTION 535:15-15-3. Home Care Agency protocol
SECTION 535:15-15-4. Drug formulary
Subchapter 16. Pharmacy Emergency Medication Kits for Use in a Facility
SECTION 535:15-16-1. Purpose
SECTION 535:15-16-2. Definitions
SECTION 535:15-16-3. Licensing requirements
SECTION 535:15-16-4. Policies and procedures for use of emergency medication kit drugs
SECTION 535:15-16-5. Security
SECTION 535:15-16-6. Drug categories allowed in emergency medication kits
SECTION 535:15-16-7. Violations
Subchapter 17. Nuclear Pharmacy
SECTION 535:15-17-1. Purpose
SECTION 535:15-17-2. [Reserved]
SECTION 535:15-17-3. Definitions
SECTION 535:15-17-4. [Reserved]
SECTION 535:15-17-5. General requirements
SECTION 535:15-17-6. [Reserved]
SECTION 535:15-17-7. Minimum equipment
SECTION 535:15-17-8. [Reserved]
SECTION 535:15-17-9. Library reference books or computer sources
Subchapter 18. Customized Adherence Medication Package (CAMP)
SECTION 535:15-18-1. Purpose
SECTION 535:15-18-2. Definitions
SECTION 535:15-18-3. Packaging requirements
SECTION 535:15-18-4. Labeling
Subchapter 19. Automation Rules
SECTION 535:15-19-1. Purpose
SECTION 535:15-19-2. Definitions
SECTION 535:15-19-3. Medication stocking
SECTION 535:15-19-4. Pharmacist verification
SECTION 535:15-19-5. Policies and procedures
SECTION 535:15-19-6. Recordkeeping
SECTION 535:15-19-7. Prepacking by automation
Appendix A. Usp <797> Beyond-Use Date Limits Chart [revoked]
Appendix B. Usp <797> Beyound-Use Date Limits Chart


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[Source: Codified 12-31-91]