Chapter 30. Oklahoma Nursing Student Assistance Program  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 540:30-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 540:30-1-2. Scope of program
SECTION 540:30-1-3. Power to grant scholarships
Subchapter 3. Role of Nursing Scholarship Advisory Committee
SECTION 540:30-3-1. Role of Nursing Scholarship Advisory Committee
Subchapter 5. Categories of Scholarships
SECTION 540:30-5-1. Matching Nursing Student Assistance Program
SECTION 540:30-5-2. Non-Matching Nursing Student Assistance Program
Subchapter 7. Eligibility
SECTION 540:30-7-1. Domicile
SECTION 540:30-7-2. Acceptance in a course of study
SECTION 540:30-7-3. Loans not available
SECTION 540:30-7-4. Criteria for selection of recipients
SECTION 540:30-7-5. Agreement to practice in Oklahoma
Subchapter 9. Application Process
SECTION 540:30-9-1. Interview; application
SECTION 540:30-9-2. Notification
SECTION 540:30-9-3. Approval
Subchapter 11. Loan Provisions
SECTION 540:30-11-1. Repayment of discontinued loans
SECTION 540:30-11-2. Penalty for breach of contract
SECTION 540:30-11-3. Security for the loan
SECTION 540:30-11-4. Payment to loan recipient
SECTION 540:30-11-5. Rate of interest
SECTION 540:30-11-6. Suit for collection; attorney's fees and collection costs
Subchapter 13. Subsequent Loans
SECTION 540:30-13-1. Loan term
SECTION 540:30-13-2. Renewal applications
SECTION 540:30-13-3. Payment of succeeding loan proceeds
SECTION 540:30-13-4. Repetition of academic work
SECTION 540:30-13-5. Additional course of study
Subchapter 15. General Administrative Policies
SECTION 540:30-15-1. Installments to recipients
SECTION 540:30-15-2. Correspondence; change in address or professional status
SECTION 540:30-15-3. Tax status for eligibility [revoked]
SECTION 540:30-15-4. Death of loan recipient
SECTION 540:30-15-5. Deferment of loan
SECTION 540:30-15-6. Transfer of student
SECTION 540:30-15-7. Subsequent disability of recipient
SECTION 540:30-15-8. Concurrent funding and practice obligation
Subchapter 17. Service Obligation
SECTION 540:30-17-1. Cancellation for service
SECTION 540:30-17-2. Licensure examinations
SECTION 540:30-17-3. Full-time practice
SECTION 540:30-17-4. Verification of practice; affidavit


[Authority: 70 O.S., § 697.17]
[Source: Codified 11-21-91]